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2 million illegal aliens

To the editor:

Since Jan. 1 of this year, over two million unvetted illegal aliens have crossed our southern border and have been allowed into our country, according to Fox News this week. Another million have snuck into our country illegally, purposely avoiding Border Patrol officials.

Over 60 known terrorists have been caught. Of the million illegals who avoided Border patrol, who knows how many of these are terrorists and criminals?

Fentanyl, which has killed 107,000 of our young people just this year, is being shipped across our porous border in wild abandon as the Mexica cartels take advantage of President Biden’s irresponsible and ridiculous excuse of a “border policy.”

The cartels are also making millions of dollars through their child sex slavery operations, where unaccompanied minors are transported to the U.S. by coyotes and forced to pay back the cartels through the loathsome sex markets here.

All of this in the name of Biden picking up votes from the illegals coming over. What a shameful blot in our nation’s history.

I’ve heard right along about how non-governmental organizations have been facilitating illegals in coming over our border and coming up through our country. This week Fox News reported that perhaps the largest and most well-known of these NGOs is Catholic Charities.

So if, like myself, you’re against aiding illegals, you may be more careful where you put your money and donations in the future.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle

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