Caribou area From our Files – Week of October 19, 2022

2 years ago

115 Years Ago – Oct. 17, 1907

Hat buying trip — Miss Evelyn Fisher made a business trip to Boston Wednesday night and will return Friday morning. While there she will select a new lot of hats which will arrive at her store Saturday, Oct. 19.

Everyone helping out — George Ritchie of Andover, New Brunswick, is assisting at the Scates & Co. drugstore, taking the place of Beecher Currier, who is in Fort Fairfield taking the place of E.E. Scates, who is away for a short time.

100 Years Ago – Oct. 19, 1922

Helping out — Chas. T. Bishop, at one time in the clothing business in Caribou, was in charge of Currier Bros.’ clothing store for a few days last week while they were on a hunting trip.

Home for a visit and off again — Americus Whittier and wife, accompanied by Mr. Swendell and a chauffeur, arrived in Caribou Friday by automobile, a new Lincoln limousine which Mr. Whittier had purchased it in Detroit. Mr. Whittier, a former Caribou boy who has ‘made it good’ in the West, is vice president of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Swendell is secretary of that organization. The party left Tuesday for Maryland, where Mr. and Mrs. Whittier have a son attending college, and will ship the automobile by boat from New York to California. Mr. Whittier is going on to Washington where he has business to transact.

75 Years Ago – Oct. 16, 1947

New product cuts pollution — A potato starch by-product containing from 15 to 18 percent protein, with possible markets in animal feed and fertilizer, can be manufactured and will correct the stream pollution problem present in starch manufacturing. The announcement was made by Herbert W. Moore, Executive Secretary of the Maine Institute of Potato Starch Manufacturers. Inc. The by-product was found through the research of Arthur D. Little, Inc., who has carried the study to include manufacturing processes and a survey of market possibilities of the new product.

Parent company Caribou Water Works acquire new holdings — John H. Ware, president of the Northeastern Water Company, acquired control of American Water Works Company, Inc., through Northeastern’s purchase of 1,625,000 shares of American. Among the water companies now owned and operated by the Ware organization is the Caribou Water Works Corporation, serving Caribou and Limestone.

25 Years Ago – Oct. 15, 1997

Sworn in — Bronwen T. Pierson took the solemn oath taken by every lawyer in the State of Maine since 1820 recently at the Superior Court in Caribou. Bronwen is a graduate of Caribou High School, a cum laude graduate of the University of Vermont and a graduate of the University of Maine Law School in Portland. She successfully passed her bar exam and hopes to practice law in Central Maine. She is presently a law clerk for four superior court judges in Bangor.

A helpful gift — The Jefferson Cary Foundation recently donated $5,000 to the Caribou Apartment Fire Victims Relief Fund. Half of the money will go to benefit immediate needs, with the other half going for a Christmas event to be held for the victims and their children later. Mary Harrigan, president of the foundation presented the check to Suzanne Sandusky, executive director of the United Way of Aroostook and Dave Lyman, general manager of radio station Q96.1.