Kevin for Maine

2 years ago

To the editor:

Kevin Freeman is the strongest candidate to represent Aroostook in the Maine House of Representatives, District 5. He is the one with the deepest understanding of important problems facing Aroostook County and Maine, and he has the experience and know-how to achieve best solutions. 

Among Maine’s most serious problems are health-care costs, environmental risks and educating for Maine’s business needs and worker skills. Kevin understands health-care costs are an impediment to achieving universal care in Maine, that it requires federal intervention and likely involves setting reasonable ceilings on prices such as has been done with the price of insulin and with Medicare negotiating drug costs. For Kevin, balancing the environment with economic growth means “we have to do both and we can do both” without sacrificing either. He is passionate about vocational training and will work to expand certified technical education in all Aroostook high schools.

Kevin has the experience to be an effective negotiator in the Legislature. A small business owner of The Sled Shop for 30 years, he has dealt with the public every day of his professional life, and he understands the economic needs of the public and small businesses. He is the candidate with the best experience to solve the economic problems of Aroostook County. 

In addition to professional experience, Kevin has the strongest record of community service that makes him the best candidate to meet challenges involved in legislative service.  A member of BPOE Elks Lodge 1954, he has served on boards for Aroostook Waste Solutions, Aroostook County Tourism and the Presque Isle Industrial Council. He served on the Presque Isle City Council for six years and as president for three of those years.  Beginning in 2018, he served four years as a contract negotiator with city employees’ unions. All this experience has given him important people skills so necessary for negotiating effective legislative solutions.

Kevin’s record is outstanding. For all the legislative help we need, it’s Kevin for me, and for you, and for all of Maine. Please vote.

Alice Bolstridge
Presque Isle