Vote for the rational

2 years ago

To the editor:

As we approach the election on Nov. 8, we must take seriously Republicans’ expressed desire to end or drastically curtail Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, support for Ukraine, environmental regulation, worker rights and voter rights, to name just a few issues. 

While we may take comfort from the belief that these things would never happen. we must be aware that the same belief encouraged us to think that the right to abortion would never be overturned.  No matter what our thoughts concerning abortion may be, we must take seriously the threat that other unthinkable changes would be in store for us if only one house of Congress succumbs to a Republican majority.  House Majority leader McCarthy has already indicated that Republicans would be willing to wreck the world economy through blocking the federal budget and/or refusing to increase the debt limit for the sake of extorting agenda goals from Congress.  

As a consequence, we must refuse to vote for any Republican for any office until that party rejects Trumpism and rejoins the rational world.

Richard Asam
Presque Isle