Man’s best friend

Gail Wieder, Special to The County
2 years ago

Happy fall to you all.  It has been a super beautiful one so far. The harvest has gone well and the temperatures have remained warm, so enjoy these rare days because before long we will be into the winter months, and we all know what that means.  

I have always lived in this area, and I actually like the four seasons, fall being my favorite.

I have always been a dog lover, and there is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend.  These creatures are so loyal and trustworthy, and they know how to cheer you up if you’re having a bad day.  You can tell them your darkest secrets without fear of being judged.  Any dog lover understands the joy of coming home and being received with a tail wag, the wiggly butt, the crying and speaking out in their happy way.  There is nothing like being greeted by your dog. They are always happy to see you.  

My husband and I go out to supper, and we always bring home some little leftover for the dogs. They look for it, especially on prime rib night.

Dogs and their people have had to rely on ways other than dialogue to relay their feelings to each other due to dogs’ lack of ability to speak English and people’s limited understanding of what each bark implies. Every dog person knows their dog’s bark. I know I can tell my dogs’ bark or cry when they need to go out to do their business or if you have company coming to the door. And in the summer you may have a window open, and they can smell if there is another animal outside. Wild or tame, the dog will let you know.   

Right now, my older dog, Odie, is 18 and can’t hear or see.  He will go to the door, but doesn’t bark and just sits there. My little dog Sadie, however, barks like crazy, telling us Odie is at the door and needs to go out.

Did you know that a dog resting on their side with their arms and legs extended indicates that they are at ease in their environment and feel secure?  Both my dogs lay like this all the time.  

A dog’s demeanor speaks much louder than a person’s, because of their incapacity to disguise what they’re feeling.  A leaning dog is an indication of a loving dog. Some dogs tend to lean on their owners when scared, but most dogs resort to this behavior as a sign of affection. Leaning is, in essence, a loveable hug.

If you have never had a dog and are thinking about one, consider adopting.  All my dogs that I have had have been adopted, mostly from the shelter.  Check out the animals we have at the Central Aroostook Humane Society and adopt, please. There is nothing better then bringing one of these animals home to give love to, and you get so much love in return.

The Central Aroostook Humane Society is located at 24 Cross St. in Presque Isle.  Check us out on Facebook, and remember to be responsible pet owners: spay and neuter.

My quote for the week is: “No need to knock, we know you’re there. The Dogs.”

Gail Wieder is a board member for the Central Aroostook Humane Society.