Hornet boys looking strong for the upcoming season

1 year ago

ASHLAND, Maine — The Hornets boys varsity basketball team suffered no losses from graduation and is fully prepared to take on the competition in Class D this season.

It will be Lizz Theriault’s first year as the varsity coach for the Hornets, with previous eight years of experience coaching the Hornets for the middle school boys. She was also an assistant coach for the girls basketball team.

Theriault said that there has been an uptick in female coaches in Maine and that while one does not  see a lot of female coaches taking on male sports on the varsity level, it is something that is slowly changing. 

“I am really looking forward to coaching these young men again,” Theriault said. “I coached (many of the players) mostly during their middle school years, so I know what they are capable of. I am looking forward to us working as a team to gain more wins and hopefully make it to the playoffs.”

In the 2021-2022 season, the Ashland Hornets finished with a 2-15 regular season record, and were the No. 13 seed in Class D North. The Hornets drew the tough assignment of facing No. 4 Wisdom, and fell 94-45.

“I really want the team to improve their knowledge of the game and grow as a team. They have so much potential that just needs to be unleashed,” Theriault said.

Theriault said she hopes to improve the Hornets fast break opportunities and has some speed for players to work with. She also wants to work on the team’s defensive pressure and to take advantage of speed, height, and quick hands.

“Last season, we almost didn’t have a team until the last few minutes before the plug was pulled,” Theriault said.

The 2022-2023 season is a far cry from the previous season in terms of filling out Ashland’s roster with plenty of talent sticking around on the court.

The Hornets five starters are junior Inyas Janoch has a solid all-around game with great shots and hustle, along with junior Blake Vincent another great shooter that can rally the team. 

Grant Thomas is one of Ashlands tallest players and isn’t afraid to drive to the hoop, the coach said. Sophomore Cole Eastman will be the Hornets center with a soft touch and senior Dakota Southerland will be Ashland’s leader on the court and give everything he has in every game, the coach said.

There will be three newcomers to the Hornets roster this season with freshmen Yiavies Torres and Ryder Carney joining as guards, along with senior Niri Scott as another guard.

The returning Hornets are seniors Brady Berry, Dakota Southerland, and Austin Clark; juniors Inyas Janoch, Andrew Dotson, and Blake Vincent. Sophomores Cole Eastman and Grant Thomas also return to Ashland with freshmen Dawson Jandreau and Carter Craig who both played on varsity during the 2021-2022 season.