Fort Kent teams take home wins at Nordic race

2 years ago

FORT KENT, Maine — The first at-home Nordic ski race of the new year went well for the Fort Kent Warriors, who captured first-place wins for both the boys and girls teams.

Athletes from six Aroostook County high schools competed in the 5k freestyle race that took place Friday, Jan. 6, at the Fort Kent Outdoor Center.

The team scores for the girls were: Fort Kent, 784; Caribou, 775; Presque Isle, 765; Madawaska, 559; and Ashland, 541.

The Fort Kent boys scored 785 points, with Caribou taking second place at 771. The remaining teams scores for the boys were: Ashland, 752; Madawaska, 375; Katahdin, 200; and Presque Isle, 189. 

Individual result leaders were Kaley Bell of Caribou with a time of 15:45.6 and Luke Streinz of Katahdin with an event best time of 13:37.4.

The individual times for the boys were: Luke Streinze, Katahdin, 13:37.4; George Ferland, Caribou, 14:08.9; Alden Reardon, Fort Kent, 14:27.4; Rafael Sanclemente, Fort Kent, 15:10.7; Mitchell Harvey, Fort Kent, 15:37; Inyas Janoch, Ashland, 16:22.9; Quinn MIchaud, Fort Kent, 16:43; Wesley Hitchcock, Caribou, 17:11.1; Max Bois, Fort Kent, 15:21.9; Andrew Ring, Caribou, 17:51.9; Ian Poiesz, Madawaska, 18:07.6; Silas Baser, Presque Isle, 18:25.3; Harrison Landes, Caribou, 19:31.1; Micah Calhoun, Ashland, 19:52.4; Nahum Davis, Ashland, 20:20.2; Marcus Spahr, Madawaska, 20:25.3; Benny Davis, Ashland, 20:54.8; Braxton McCrossin, Caribou, 24:45.6; and Caiden Condon, Ashland, 30:40.4. 

The individual times for the girls were: Kayley Bell, Caribou, 15:45.6; Rowan Tanguay, Fort Kent, 16:52.9; Cassidy Carlisle, Presque Isle, 17:50.9; Anabelle Reardon, Fort Kent, 18:19.4; Ainsley Migneault, Madawaska, 18:24.7; MIra Kelly, Fort Kent, 18:48.1; Maggie Bell, Caribou, 18:48.2; Emma Bois, Fort Kent, 19:21.8; Madison Thibault, Caribou, 19:27.1; Hattie Cogswell, Presque Isle, 20:17.3; Aubrey Ellsworth, Presque Isle, 20:59.7; Caela Day, Caribou, 21:03.1; Kate Bechtel, Caribou, 21:18.2; Lauren Lister, Caribou, 21:45.6; Julia Bartley, Presque Isle, 22:13.9; Addison Chasse, Fort Kent, 22:23.2; Haidyn Saucier, Fort Kent, 23:44.4; Riley Gagnon, Madawaska, 26:16.5; Ellie Calhoun, Ashland, 27:24.5; Anabel Wadsworth, Ashland, 28:20.9; Samantha Thomas, Madawaska, 33:31.5; Ava Stacey, Presque Isle, 35:17.5; and Olivia Bolstridge, Ashland, 42:21.8.