Snowmobile Trail Report, Feb. 23, 2023

Gary Marquis, Special to The County
1 year ago

Mother Nature is seriously testing out how resilient County clubs are.  With the ups and downs of temperatures it has made grooming very challenging at the beginning of the week, with cooler temperatures towards the end it has made for better grooming.  Clubs are all reporting more traffic than they have ever seen with many clubs doing double shifts just to keep up with traffic.  

Some areas are reporting very hard conditions and some bumps are not going to be cut out so please keep this in mind.  The warm temps on Sunday night and into the day on Monday prevented some clubs not to be able to get out and groom,  so as one can imagine with the traffic we are experiencing trails will take a beating.  There is good news soon as the County will be seeing a few inches of fresh white gold Thursday night into Friday.  This new snow will certainly help with the current conditions out there.  The Southern part of the County is looking like they will get more than the Northern part of the County.

This is the time of year that we need to be more aware of day grooming as clubs are trying to keep up with the traffic,  albeit not the best scenario to be grooming during the day but sometimes necessary to keep up with the high traffic.  So if you see that you are on a perfectly groomed smooth trail and the other side is not groomed yet that means the groomer is in the trail ahead, so please use caution.

Signs are put out for a reason, especially stop signs.  Please stop at all road crossings, trail intersections.  If everyone obeys these signs, then it is a much safer and better experience for everyone.

We all know that snow is getting deeper and those off corridor areas look inviting but there is a reason the corridor is where it’s located for a reason, please respect the landowner, and clubs wishes, and this will ensure that we have trails to groom in the future.

Lakes are becoming very slushy so if you are not familiar with a certain body of water then maybe staying on the trails is a better alternative.

Deer, Moose, and Turkeys are out on the trails and as the snow gets deeper there will be more and more out there.


Allagash Headwaters Snowmobile Club (Gateway to the ghost trains):   This is a new club, and they can certainly use any help to keep grooming.  Check out their Facebook page.  They will also have a downloadable map.

Libby Pinnacle Sno Riders:  Check out their Facebook page. 

Sly Brook Snow riders: Reporting that they are going everyday and are struggling to keep up with the amount of traffic.  They are doing the best they can.

Washburn Snowmobile club: reporting that trail 105 and ITS 83 have been groomed. Trail 61 has been groomed from the Gardner Creek Road to the turnaround on ITS 90 at the beginning of the week and is in good shape.  Please use caution as this is a twisty trail.  Thanks goes out to the club for grooming into Rustic Retreat lodge. 

Nordic Lakers (New Sweden, Westmanland, Stockholm):  Reporting that they had a small issue with drag and they are back up and going.  They have hit 105 multiple times this week and doing 81 on Wednesday night. Trail 81 is a green trail and is a great trail to avoid the ever so busy ITS 83 and connects 105 in Blackstone.  

Portage Lakers:   Grooming every day and struggling to keep up with the warm weather at the beginning of the week and now are back on track.  Remember this year they are using the alternate ITS 90 trail from Portage to 105, it is well marked.  This trail is 28 miles from 105 to Portage.  Please do not use the old 90 as there is 7 miles of plowed road.  The lake has been marked to the boat landing trail and the Buffalo loop, they are reporting slush and drifts so please use caution.  Please stop at all road crossings and proceed slowly across business driveways.  

Caribou:  Reporting they are doing double shifts and are struggling to keep up with the amount of the traffic that is out there this week.   They are reporting deep holes in some of the turns that are very hard and not able to cut out, so please use caution.  There is a logging operation on ITS 90 just leaving Caribou, Trucks will be crossing the trail it is clearly marked and will last a few weeks.

Fort Kent SnoRiders Snowmobile Club:  Reporting trails are in great shape.  ITS trails getting groomed every night and clubs trails every other night.   They will be working with Irving in the Carter Brook area.  Please check their Facebook page for more information.

Eagle Lake snowmobile club:  Reporting that they are grooming everyday and are trying to keep up with the traffic.   One section of ITS 85 North has a logging operation and is marked well.  please use caution in this area.  They are asking riders to slow down in the logging areas, the snowbanks are getting hire and trucks are having difficulty seeing the sleds, please ride right.

Fort Fairfield:  No Update.

St. Francis Sno-Angels:  Reporting trails are in good shape for the traffic they are seeing.  See you at the lodge for lunch Sat.!!

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club:  Reporting trails are all groomed and very hard.   Plowed section in Bridgewater for 2.3 miles due to logging operation. #9 Lake Trail from ITS 83 in Monticello is closed due to a logging operation. As an FYI the restaurants on Main St. in Mars Hill are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so sledders should plan accordingly. Freshies’ deli is the only one open those days.  Also it is illegal to park a snowmobile on the sidewalk unless the town has passed this ordinance.  In Mars Hill please do not park or ride on the sidewalks except to cross them, there is ample parking out back.  They are asking people to slow down.

Ashland Snowmobile Club:  Reporting trails are hard and a bit icy but groomed.    There is a logging operation on the Castle Hill and of our section of ITS 88.  Deer is in town so please use caution.  Please stay on marked trails it is signed and groomed for a reason.  Deer are everywhere in Ashland so please use caution.  Ride right and be courteous of oncoming traffic, too many close calls.

Moosetown Riders (Allagash):  Reporting trail to Estcourt groomed Thursday,  ITS 92 and 120 were groomed overnight.   If anyone is planning a ride to Estcourt Station, please read Moosetown Riders Facebook page for all necessary info!

Frenchville snowmobile club:  Reporting that they are grooming all trails every day, trails are in good shape.

Red Arrow snowmobile club:  Reporting they are doing their entire system Thursday Night and will be out every night.

Chapman Ridge Runners:  Reporting all trails are in good condition.  The logging operation on 105 is now finished.

Aroostook River Snowmobile club:  Reporting trails are in great shape and will be out every night weather dependent.

Easton Trailbreakers snowmobile club:  Reporting that trails are in great shape.  The club ride will be going to homestead lodge this Saturday leaving Easton one stop at 8am.

Madawaska snowmobile club:  Reporting that ITS 83 and 81A , 84C were groomed last night and will be out again tonight.  Trails are hard and bumps difficult to cut but they are getting them.

Cold Mountain Snowmobile Club (Grand Isle):  Reporting trail system is in tip top shape and will be out again all weekend

Presque Isle Snowmobile club:  Reporting Trails are being groomed daily and in great shape,  some ice in the corners so please use caution..  Please stop at all road crossings.

Gateway Snowmobile Club (Van Buren):  Reporting great conditions

Limestone Snow Hawks:  reporting decent conditions.  100B, 81 South and 89 Groomed.  They will be out all weekend.

Caswell (Pleasant Ridge Riders):  Reporting that all trails groomed and hard.

Walker Siding Snowmobile Club:  No Update.


Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club:  Reporting they are out most night and expect to see them around the next corner 24/7

Eastern Maine Snow Riders – All trails were groomed over the weekend and are in great shape even after the warm weather. Trail 1 to Haynesville, trail 3, 3A, and ITS 110 all groomed. Sherman and Linneus have both connected, Please ride safe las there are lots of sleds blowing corners, Also, don’t out ride your headlights! 

Benedicta Snow Gang – The Gang had a very successful Fishing Derby and thank everyone for their support.  ITS 81 South from Sherman AK-1is laying down nicely. ITS 81 and ITS 83, Including Pudds Connector and Plunkett Pond trail is groomed. With more snow coming it should be a great weekend!

Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters –  The 2023 Poker Run was great success and well supported by the sledding community. Last night the groomers were out working and the trails are in excellent shape.  The club would like to remind people to slow down and ride to the right. There have been too many accidents this season!

Rockabema Snow Rangers – Groomer update for tonight: Charlie will be going on ITS 81 south to ITS 83 (railroad bed). Dan will be going 57 north to 62 east to Skinners to Point of Pines. Jon will be going ITS 81 north to 62 east ( the route 11 turn around).

Big Valley Snow Club –Has done some late night grooming on 60 west  to ITS112 and 62A to ITS 85. It will be fresh and firm this morning!

Smoki Haulers – The club is in Oakfield with the clubhouse right off I-95, and the perfect location to park and get on the trails. There is also a great climbing hill for the family to enjoy! Trails groomed and conditions are excellent. 

Meduxnekeag Ramblers – ITS83 is all groomed from the Trestle to Houlton,  as well as trails into Houlton Power Sports, Ivey’s Motor Lodge, and Beals Country Store. ITS 86 is groomed to St. Croix.  It’s a beautiful day out there! Get out and enjoy it!!!!

Linneus Snow Sports –  ITS83 from B to where it crosses Bangor Rd. has been groomed as well as ITS105 to trail 61. The groomer also did some preparation for the Poker Run this Sunday (see events below) and broke through a water hole on trial 2. They are working on brushing it into shape. While grooming ITS105 & ITS83 from Joe Martin to the clubhouse the trail master counted 14 waterholes,  but all are still passable. Please use caution while travelling through that area.


  • Saturday March 4th is the Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters next Potluck at 5pm at the clubhouse. The regular meeting starts at 6pm.  There are no strangers at the club, only friends you haven’t met, so please remember that new members are always welcome!
  • The Patten NEXC races are being held in Patten this weekend, February 25 and 26 from 6am to 6pm. The location is at Savage Paint and Body at 338 South Patten Rd.  For anyone trying to get to the track/show on sleds, take ITS 81 or connector ITS 112 to K and C Quickstop. Head south from there down beside Rt. 11. Bank will be flattened for riding. It will bring you right to the race/show gate entrance. 
  • The lunch counter is open at Birch Point this week from 10 to 5.
  • The Linneus Sno Sports Annual Poker Run will be Sunday, February 26th! $1,000 in cash prizes plus giveaways. Opens at 9 with last hand at 3. Check out the poker run page on our website for full details. Click the link below to be taken there. 

Also the kitchen hours have changed with lunch on Saturdays from 10 to 3 and breakfast served on Sunday starting at 7am then changing over to lunch service closer to noon. 

  • Breakfast at Meduxnekeag Ramblers clubhouse off ITS 83 starting at 6am

For the most accurate and up-to date weather information, please visit NOAA at



Winter Carnival Hosted by the Oxbow Community Event Committee, this Saturday at 11 at the Homestead Lodge.

Carter Brook Sno-Bird Snowmobile Club:  will be hosting a vintage snowmobile show and parade at Valley Motors Parking lot on 82 West Main Street in Fort Kent.  $15 registration fee.  8am registration until 10am.  9am show until 10:30am.  Parade will start after the last Can-Am Crown Musher departs.  FMI: call Russ 207-316-9919, antique sleds will be on display until the parade.

Aroostook County Northern Region MSA showcase Ride and Meeting March 18, hosted by the Madawaska Snowmobile club.  Saturday 8am Madawaska snowmobile club located on Fournier road on ITS 81, 9am depart on 100 mile ride guided in the region, Lunch at St. Francis SnoAngels clubhouse.  5pm Social at the Madawaska clubhouse, 6pm Dinner/7pm meeting.  Cost is $30 per person, Preregister by March 13.  For more information contact Denise Duperre, Northern region director, 207-316-9118

-Limestone Snow hawks will have their clubhouse open Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.  They will be open all next week during vacation week serving lunch and breakfast.

Washburn Trail Runners clubhouse will be open Friday 8am to 2pm, Saturday 7am to 2pm and Sunday 7am to 12. 

St. Francis Sno-Angel’s clubhouse will be open on Saturdays for lunch starting at 11.  Menu this Saturday is Beans and Franks.  $12 for members and $15 for nonmembers.

Meduxnekeag Ramblers snowsled clubhouse will be having Breakfast every Saturday during the season from 6-9.