All-Stars play a final game on the basketball court

1 year ago

CARIBOU, Maine — Boys and girls All-Star basketball teams launched both their games into overtime on March 9, with the boys Team Orange winning 81-69 and the girls Team Yellow winning 73-57.

All the senior players from teams around Aroostook County played in the All-Star games at the Caribou High School gym.

In the first quarter, boys Team Orange had a strong start with Caribou’s Henry Helbert scoring a couple of 3-pointers with Blake Senal of Fort Fairfield scoring a single 3-pointer. Team Gray was close behind with Southern Aroostook’s Camden Porter and Drake Weston both scoring single 3-pointers and Jake Hallett of Presque Isle contributing two baskets.

By the end of the second quarter, the gap widened as Team Gray pulled ahead a little with Graham Siltz of Southern Aroostook scoring two baskets and Presque Isle’s Malachai Cummings scoring a single 3-pointer and basket. Team Gray had plenty of contributing single baskets from Cody Johnson of Houlton, Presque Isle’s Jack Hallett, Camden Porter and Drake Weston of Southern Aroostook.

The high school senior All-Star boys team Gray before the All-Star game that happened in Caribou on March 9. (Courtesy of Kayla Brown)

Team Orange’s Reece Cavagnaro of Caribou scored two baskets and a single 3-pointer, while Caribou’s Henry Helbert and Avery Thibodeau scored single baskets and Keegan Cyr of Fort Kent made one 3-pointer.

In the third quarter, Orange made 13 points total with baskets scored by Easton’s Ben Wipperman and Evan Carter, Caribou’s Henry Helbert and Avery Thibodeau. Gray rallied to rack up 26 total points in the third quarter, with Madawaska’s Ian Beaulieu, Jack Hallett and Malachi Cummings of Presque Isle netting a combination of jump shots and 3-pointers.

Team Orange sank 23 total points during the fourth quarter, with baskets being scored by Easton’s Evan Carter, Hodgdon’s Drew Duttweiler, Fort Kent’s Keegan Cyr, Fort Fairfield’s Blake Senal, Reece Cavagaro and Avery Thibodeau of Caribou. 

Team Gray scored 20 total points in the fourth quarter with baskets netted by Madawaska’s Ian Beaulieu, Camden Porter and Graham Siltz of Southern Aroostook, and Presque Isle’s Malachi Cummings and Jack Hallett.

The high school senior All-Star girls team Yellow before the All-Star game that happened in Caribou on March 9. (Courtesy of Caribou High School Athletics)

After the boys game, the All-Star girls took the court.  Team Blue came out strong in the first quarter with 28 points as Caribou’s Selena Savage and Carley Morrow, Hodgdon’s Sadie Thompson, and East Grand’s Phoebe Foss all scored 3-pointers. Team Yellow put in 11 points as Presque Isle’s Anna Jandreau and Rossalyn Buck and Madison Russell of Southern Aroostook sank 3-pointers.

In the second quarter, Team Blue extended their lead with multiple baskets scored by Olivia Ouellette of Wisdom, with contributions from Madawaska’s Lillian Cox, East Grand’s Phoebe Foss, and Hodgdon’s Sadie Thompson. Team Yellow had more free throw opportunities with baskets scored by Southern Aroostook’s Madison Russell, Central Aroostook’s Kira Fitzherbert and Anna Jandreau of Presque Isle.

The high school senior All-Star girls team Blue before the All-Star game that happened in Caribou on March 9. (Courtesy of Kayla Brown)

In the third quarter, Yellow racked up 17 points between Washburn’s Jasmine West, Houlton’s Drew Warman, Southern Aroostook’s Madison Russell and Anna Jandreau of Presque Isle. Team Blue had a total of 14 points between Widom’s Olivia Ouellette and Abbie Lerman, Madawaska’s Lillian Cox, Caribou’s Carley Morrow and Phoebe Foss of East Grand.

Team Yellow came back with a 3-pointer scored by Presque’s Anna Jandreau and contributing baskets from Central Aroostook’s Kira Fitzherbert, Southern Aroostook’s Madison Russell and Callie Russell and Houlton’s Drew Warman. 

Team Blue tried to maintain composure with a string of free throws scored by East Grand’s Emma Davis, Hodgdon’s Marissa Dow and Wisdom’s Olivia Ouellette, with Sadie Thompson of Hodgdon scoring a 3-pointer, but Team Yellow won the night’s final game.