Passenger loads are trending up

1 year ago

In 2022, we at the Presque Isle International Airport had our best number of annual boardings since 2007.  Several months in 2022 were the best since the year 2000.  

I think it is important to note that prior to Sept. 11, 2001, the air service available to small communities like Presque Isle was significantly different.  So the fact that we are starting to see numbers not seen since before Sept. 11 demonstrates that United is providing a service that people really want to use.  

Of significant note is that December 2022 boardings were the best in this century.  You have to go all the way back to 1999 to find a higher number of boardings in December.

What is driving this great performance?  It is a combination of four factors.  The first is great ticket pricing.  I hear from the public on a regular basis that they found Presque Isle International (PQI) pricing equal to or less than alternative airports.  Others indicate they see prices as higher, but the price difference is outweighed by the higher costs of traveling to alternative airports.  

A second factor is the aircraft that United has assigned to PQI.  The CRJ-550 has a first-class cabin, onboard WiFi and entertainment, economy plus seating and no need to gate check larger carry-ons.  It is the finest 50-seat regional jet in the industry.  

A third factor is the increased traveling that the country is experiencing as we come out of COVID-19.  

And lastly is the great job that the GoJet, United Ground Express and airport team has been doing working together.  This team has worked hard to reduce delays and cancellations due to conditions at the airport  They also do everything possible to try to minimize the impact to customers from delays and cancellations due to conditions in Newark, New Jersey.

This positive trend is continuing in 2023.  January 2023 was the best January for boardings since 2000.  The results for February just became available and it missed being the best February since 2000 by only 8 passengers.  For the last two weeks, the airport’s regular parking lot has been nearly full.  

If you haven’t taken a flight out of our local airport in a while, help us continue this very positive trend.  To book a flight or find out more about the CRJ-550, you should visit  Not sure where you would like to go and/or looking for great pricing?  Use the airline’s interactive map, “Explore Destinations,” also on the website. Scroll about halfway down to use the map.

Scott Wardwell is airport director for Presque Isle International Airport. He can be reached at 764-2550 or via email at