Please speak up

1 year ago

To the editor:

This is the first time I have ever felt passionate enough on an issue to write a letter to the editor, but on  Saturday, March 25, I attended a Speak Up For Life meeting in Presque Isle and learned of legislation regarding the abortion issue here in Maine.

I had kept myself quite well informed in regard to national issues, but sadly had failed to do so on state issues. At this meeting I learned that there was legislation pending for abortion expansion in our state, all the way to term (9 months).  I also learned that this legislation was sponsored by my own state senator, Troy Jackson.

I was aware of some of this appalling legislation in other states, but now this is being considered here in the state of Maine.  This would put some states in our country in the company of only two other countries in the world — China and North Korea, regimes where they care nothing about life at any age.  

People protest the death penalty for known criminals, yet want to put legislation in place that would be able to take the life of an innocent baby up to full term. This legislation is to the point of birth — where in days or hours this baby could be held in the arms of the mother, or someone willing to care for the baby and give them a chance at a good life in a loving family.  I know of people at this very time who long for a baby and they are unable to have a child of their own. There are alternatives. 

I trust people are more informed about this issue than I was prior to Saturday, and have already spoken up.  If not, please speak up and contact your representative and senator as soon as possible regarding this legislation for abortion expansion up to the time of birth.  

Sandra Burtchell
Fort Fairfield