Houlton falls to Caribou in tennis

11 months ago

The Houlton/Greater Houlton Christian Academy boys and girls tennis teams fell to Caribou on May 3 in a cold, windy match in Houlton.

Girls, 0-5:

1st, singles: S. Lorom 1-8 vs. A. Bouchard.

2nd, singles: R. Perfitt 5-8 vs. E. McIntyre.

3rd, singles: N. DeLucca 6-8 vs. E. Bennett.

1st, doubles: M. Peterson and Cindy Hannigan 6-8 vs. J. Griffeth and M. Thibault.

2nd, doubles: K. Britton and K. Kenney 3-8 vs. I. Sleeper and A. Hartsgrove.

Boys, 0-5:

1st, singles: K. Skehan 0-8 vs. S. Hebert.

2nd, singles: J. Toner 0-8 vs. M. Merchant.

3rd, singles: M. Koehler 0-8 vs. A. Bouchard.

1st, doubles: Houlton forfeit.

2nd, doubles: Houlton forfeit.