A historic lacrosse win

9 months ago

Northern Maine Moose boys lacrosse push toward a tournament position with a 5-game winning streak, including a 14-5 victory over John Bapst.

The Northern Maine Moose showed up to play against John Bapst. The Moose were able to score early and possess well throughout the game which allowed them to earn the win.

Coach Adam Simoes says, “it’s a great day for a coach when all the practices, the hard work, the effort of the team comes together. They demonstrated good positional awareness and game situational awareness which allowed them to be successful. I was excited for the boys to win tonight on senior night and their season final home game. We had great support in the stands and we could hear the cheering. We’ve got a great lacrosse community in Houlton.”

The Northern Maine Moose celebrated graduating seniors Ciaran Johnson, Drake Weston, Sam Duff, Madelyn Quirk, Matt Conley and Collin Crouse.  

Statistical highlights include Isaiah Ervin 5 goals and 3 assists.  

Konnor Lynds 5 goals 2 assists. 

Logan Faggioli 2 goals 2 assists.

Drake Weston 1 goal.

Matt Conley 1 goal

Colton Simões 2 assists and high face off when percentage as the teams lead faceoff midfielder.

Collin Crouse had an 85.7 save percentage against the crusaders. 

Emery Nightingale was again able to step into goal and support his team. 

Simoes says, “With these points, it places us temporarily in a playoff position. We are anxiously awaiting the outcome of another game. Either way this was a successful first year as a varsity team. We were able to hold our own against Class A, Class B and Class C teams. The word I would use to describe this team is resilient. It didn’t matter what happened the game before, they came ready to prepare for and play the next game. That is apparent in our 5-game winning streak.”