Easton’s Class of 1973 reunites

12 months ago

The alumni banquet was held June 8 at Easton Elementary School to honor the graduating Class of 2023, 25th reunion for the Class of 1998, 50th reunion for the Class of 1973 and the 75th reunion for the Class of 1948.

John Trask represented the Class of 1948.

Thirteen members represented the class of 1973: Donna Blinn Corey, Pam Burgess Vatsinaris, Leasa DaFonte Garvin, Gail Dorsey McPherson, Bernard Hussey, Ernest Ladner, Leonna Ladner King, Deborah Lloyd, Danny Morrissey, Richard Palmer, Debra Rattray Rooney, Marjorie Shaw Simonds and Stewart White.

Earlier in the day classmates met at the Community Building and got reacquainted. A visit to the third floor historical society was enjoyable. After the banquet several members of the class gathered at Gail and Arlo McPherson’s home in Blaine to relax and unwind.

Three members of the class of 1998 were present: Jonah Alexander, Meaghan Green Ellis and Erik Lamoreau.

The Class of 2023 includes Logan Bernier, Emily Jackson, Evan Carver, Rylee Chase, Jenna Cochran, Devin Daniels, Jason Ellis, Cade Ennis, Grace Flewelling, Ally Lamoreau, Kenzie Legassie and Ben Wipperman.

This year the alumni committee members were Peggy Budreau Arnette, Elaine King White, Lisa Flewelling-Haney, Tracy Page Hathaway, Samantha Buck Sperry, Kerringan Arnett and Kathleen Haney.

Hillary Hallett is the correspondent for Easton. She can be reached by sending an e-mail to: recreation@eastonme.com or calling 551-7737.