Hallowed was a total miss

9 months ago

To the editor:

The year: 2023. Location: United States of America. Site: TV show “Jeopardy,” a program featuring some of the brightest, sharpest, most intelligent men and women of our planet to compete for prize money.

Questions relative to foreign leaders, ancient scrolls, cosmos and the universe, genetic sciences, foreign cultures, long-lost languages, etc., are all answered correctly by one, two or all three of the geniuses we have personally observed.

The question that surfaced recently was this: “What word is missing: ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, [blank] be thy name, thy kingdom come, etc.’”   

Not one, not two, but all three of the contestants failed to know the missing word is  “hallowed.”

You don’t think God might not take that to heart? Sure, the Lord is all forgiving, but I promise you he is not stupid. I really don’t think our God will just say, “Duh.”

Lou Ouellette