Biden’s push for electric vehicles

11 months ago

To the editor: 

This president is so thoughtful to us average Americans that he wants us all to have electric vehicles by 2035. In fact, he’s trying to ram these down our throats, all in the name of green energy. 

Right. To buy one of these babies you’ll need to shell out over $60,000. To charge one will take an average of an hour, but first, you’ll have to find an empty charging station. According to Google we have all of two stations in the Star City. 

But all the money we’ll recoup will eventually make this huge initial expense and inconvenience well worth it. Right? Wrong. According to recent reports on Fox News, it’ll actually cost more to charge up your electric vehicle than to pump in a proportionate amount of gasoline. 

Here’s something most people aren’t aware of because the green climate people don’t want potential customers to know: the electric vehicle batteries are not made to last the natural life of the electric vehicle. Not a big deal, you say, since we change batteries in our current cars two or three times or more over the natural life of our gasoline cars. Here’s the problem: we change our batteries at a cost of $125 to $200 on average. To change the batteries in an electric vehicle will cost you approximately two-thirds of the original cost of your electric vehicle. That’s right, you’ll be shelling out an additional $40,000 or more, and that’s only if you can get the batteries. These types of batteries require “raw earth” materials which are only available from China for the most part. 

What a great deal for America, Biden once again making us weaker while guaranteeing China steady income. China is laughing at the U.S. all the way to the bank while they build an average of a coal plant every two weeks. One would almost have to conclude our president is not looking after the interest of the U.S.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle