Lynds to lead national leadership development program

7 months ago

HOULTON, Maine – In today’s ever-changing business world, cultivating effective leadership is vitally important. F.A. Peabody Company is delighted to announce its role in an exciting collaboration. On Sept. 13 the Network of Vertafore Users unveiled a partnership with the International Association of Insurance Professionals to introduce a comprehensive national leadership development certification program tailored exclusively for its members. Leading the first cohort of insurance professionals is Ben Lynds, NcSA, vice president of information systems at FAPCO.

Vertafore is an international company providing customer relationship management software and digital products for the insurance industry. FAPCO, for years, has relied on Vertafore’s services. FAPCO is also a long standing member of the IAIP. Lynds has been actively involved in NetVU for many years. Heearned NetVU’s prestigious Network Certified System Administrator certificate in 2014. These qualifications made him a logical choice to lead the first cohort of the Certified Leadership Program.

Lynds describes the program as a 13-week journey spanning a total of 54 hours that is designed to equip participants with essential leadership skills through four modules that cover a spectrum of leadership topics:

  • Strategic Management: Learn to navigate complex business challenges with strategic thinking.
  • Business Essentials: Develop critical skills like effective negotiation, financial knowledge, and critical thinking.
  • Business Mentoring and Coaching: Hone your abilities to mentor and coach others effectively.
  • Motivating Others Through Leadership Styles: Understand your unique leadership style and how to motivate others. 

Each module provides a deep dive into these subjects, ensuring participants are well-prepared to tackle the multifaceted challenges of leadership in the modern business world.

Lynds expressed his excitement, saying, “Achieving the Certified Leadership Program designation will be an excellent testament to hard work and dedication.” FAPCO is excited to be a part of not only Lynds’ leadership development, but to share his expertise with the insurance industry at large.