Election draws large voter turnout in Caribou

8 months ago

CARIBOU, Maine  — Caribou voters have gone to the polls in larger than normal numbers this Election Day.

In the past, off-year referendum elections have drawn around 1,200 voters, Caribou City Clerk Danielle Brissette said. Just before 4 p.m., 1,100 people had already voted, she said.

“It’s busier than normal,” Brissette said. “It’s a much better turnout than we ever expected.”

The flow of voters has been smooth and steady throughout the day, she said. 

Brissette speculated Questions 3 and 4 on the referendum list might have spurred people to come out and cast their ballots. 

Question 3 asks if voters want to create a new government power entity called Pine Tree Power, and Question 4, automotive right to repair, asks voters if they want car makers to provide diagnostic access to non-dealer repair shops.

There’s still time to vote at Caribou’s Wellness and Recreation Center. Polls close at 8 p.m.