Ark Animal Sanctuary – Week of November 15, 2023

Lorraine Monfils, Special to The County
2 weeks ago

As we brace ourselves for the holiday season and the cold winter months, the phone does not stop ringing.  There are people wanting to surrender their pets, strays being picked up and brought to the sanctuary, kittens being pulled out of Dumpsters, people moving and leaving their pets behind.  

I have to say that some days it is very overwhelming having to say no because we are officially over capacity. Our kitchen has been converted to a lactating room. A closet has been converted to a kitten room and our laundry room has become a cat room.

We have set up large crates. All of this is being done while still maintaining state guidelines.

Not to mention budget constraints. We just paid our insurance for the year: $3,600. We now start paying for oil and snow removal. Our vet bills are averaging $2,000 or more per month.  These are just a few of our expenses.

Right now we are taking care of 90 cats. And we will do whatever is necessary to take care of them because we made that commitment.

So when you call and we say we can’t take in any more at this time, don’t get mad. Try and understand. When you ask us what you are supposed to do, our answer is going to be quite simple: Do what you are asking us to do, and take care of the animal until different arrangements can be made.

Put the cat in your bathroom or basement, feed it and keep it warm until other arrangements can be made. We can offer you advice, lend you a crate and even supply food, but you have to make an effort to do the right thing.

It is never our goal to refuse shelter to an animal in need, but until people start neutering and spaying, until they stop getting animals that they can’t afford, and until they stop getting animals when they don’t have access to vet care, things will never change. Sanctuaries and shelters will always be full. 

Cats and dogs are having litters faster than we can rescue them all. It is a vicious cycle and we can only make a difference with your help. Please neuter and spay.

Thank you for your continued support and, as always, thank you for reading our column.