A possible political solution

4 weeks ago

To the editor:

I’ve been clear in my opinion of Biden and his administration. In case you missed it: I think Biden and his party are the worst that I’ve seen in my lifetime. I also believe four more years of Biden policies will destroy our country.

I believe Biden’s mental decline is in question. I don’t think anyone, including Biden himself, believes he can survive four more years as president.  The problem, for the Democrats, is how to run someone else in place of him and still give the impression of party unity. Choosing not to run would open the door to the chaos created by having competition between those who will seek the nomination. To the Democratic Party, it could also mean having a candidate, picked by the people, that might not share the party agenda.

On the other hand, if he is reelected and drops out for any reason, our country will have a very unpopular replacement.  For that reason, I think the Democrats believe the problem has to be solved before Election Day. There is a possible solution.

The following is an excerpt from an article published by ABC News. It covers the time from when ballots are printed to election day if someone drops out of the race. It says: if either party nominee drops out after ballots are printed, then it would be too late to officially replace them on the ballot. In that case, voters would cast ballots for the inactive candidate with the understanding that their Electoral College votes would go to someone else — probably someone designated by the Democratic National Committee or Republican National Committee.

Sounds like a perfect solution to me. Biden can bow out gracefully and the party can replace him with someone of their choosing. This tactic may sound outlandish, but I put nothing past the Democrats’ quest to end democracy as we know it and establish single-party rule in our country, by any means.

Walter Crean