NMCC faculty collaborates with Boy Scouts to provide plumbing merit badge

5 months ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Loren Gordon, a faculty member at Northern Maine Community College, partnered with Boy Scout Troop 177 to facilitate a plumbing lab on January 18 for scouts working towards their plumbing merit badge. The collaborative effort provided a hands-on learning experience for the scouts, expanding their knowledge of plumbing while introducing potential future career paths.

The NMCC plumbing and heating lab and classroom served as the venue for the collaboration. To ensure the safety of all participants, the scouts followed lab safety protocols and wore safety glasses during their time in the lab.

The 4-hour class included 10 Boy Scout participants and two scout leaders. Gordon acted as both scout leader and the instructor on campus and was joined by Scout Master Larry Harrison.

Gordon expressed enthusiasm about introducing young individuals to the NMCC campus, stating, “I love to see their eyes light up when they figure something out or discover something they never understood before. There’s a sense of accomplishment, and these are concepts they can carry forward. Who knows where their futures will lead.”

The program covered a range of topics, including the importance of a properly working plumbing system for family health and safety, knowledge of local health regulations related to plumbing and safety precautions for home plumbing repairs.

The program also involved hands-on activities such as making drawings and explaining home hot- and cold-water supply systems, understanding and demonstrating the use of plumber’s tools and identifying and describing various plumbing components.

The session culminated with practical skills such as cutting, threading, connecting metal pipes and soldering copper tube connections under adult supervision.

Gordon was excited to share his expertise and provide a valuable learning experience for the scouts. Angela Buck, academic dean at NMCC shared, “The collaboration between NMCC and Boy Scout Troop 177 demonstrates the College’s commitment to community engagement and educational outreach.”

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