Easton lists honor roll for second quarter of 2023-24

2 months ago

Easton Junior/Senior High School has announced its second-quarter honor roll for the 2023-2024 school year. The following were included.

Seniors — Highest honors: Amelia Bate, Augustus Bonner, Abigale Bugbee, Grace Ellis, Joshua Good, Alexander Hale, Isabella Hollis, Olivia Keep, Dawson Lamoreau, Maggie Mcquade and Madison Seeley. High honors: Mason Adams and Trey Brewer. Honors: Rylee Cassidy.

Juniors — Highest honors: Madison Bridges, Chase Flewelling, Blake King and Chloe Lento. High honors: Caitlyn Macpherson and Cody Nadeau. Honors: Laynie Brewer, Savana Brown and Dakota Day.

Sophomores — Highest honors: Chloe Blackstone and Abigail Siddiqui. High honors: Olivia Bate and Raiden Cochran. Honors: Jack Mcquade and Lilah Pelkey.

Freshmen — Highest honors: Allison Bate, Adrianna Bridges, Olivia Hopkins, Mea Lagasse, Madisan Patterson and Brayson Tompkins. Honors: Chase Mitchell and Haydan Keep.

Grade 8 — Highest honors: Octavia Campbell, Brenna Carlow and Isabella Copeland. High honors: Wyatt Gundy. Honors: Jackson Dow and Mason Pelletier. 

Grade 7 — Highest honors: Sophie Blackstone, Charlotte Devoe, Abigail Hopkins, Thomas King,  Margaret Mcglinn and Benjamin Mills. High honors: Grant Hull. Honors: Jeremy Charrette and Abigail Porter.