Two police dogs join the force in Presque Isle

2 months ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Two police dogs have joined the Presque Isle Police Department.

Boris, a 2 1/2-year old German Shepherd trained in drug sniffing and apprehension, officially joins next month, and Maggie Sue, a 12-week old Newfoundland, began her training two weeks ago.

The new police dogs will be replacing labrador retriever Cali, who served the Presque Isle Police beginning in 2018 and was retired in 2022.

“We should at least get six or seven years out [Boris],” said Presque Isle Police Chief Chris Hayes.

Officer Gavin Vining will begin training in April with Boris for 18 weeks to get certified in tracking, narcotics, and apprehension.

Maggie Sue will be on-call to visit schools, daycares, senior centers, and libraries in the community. She will serve as a therapy dog for child abuse and domestic violence victims while being interviewed by police inside the Presque Isle Police Department.

“[Maggie Sue] is going to have a great life being pet all the time and she will be very supportive to the staff and the community,” Hayes said.