Memorial scholarships presented at Katahdin Middle and High School

2 weeks ago

STACYVILLE, Maine — Katahdin Middle and High School had the honor of hosting Tim Caldwell to present scholarships in memory of his wife, Rosemarie Corriveau Caldwell. His daughter Veronica accompanied him. His daughter Libby was unable to attend as she was studying in Alberta, Canada.

Tim and his daughters graciously gave two $5,000 scholarships. They wanted to make sure the scholarship was given to students that were hard working, dedicated and dependable. Hannah Boone and Riley Detour met those criteria. 

Rosemarie Caldwell

When meeting to present the awards, Hannah and Rileys’ parents were discussing the relationship between the Cyr family and the Caldwell family. It was a nice trip down memory lane for all involved. Tim, Veronica and Libby felt Rosemarie would have been very pleased with the choice for the scholarship.  

Tim and his daughters’ generosity is greatly appreciated by Hannah and Riley.

Thank you to the Caldwell family, Tim, Veronica and Libby for reaching out to help our students succeed.

Hannah Boone and Riley DeTour
Hannah Boone and Tim Caldwell
From left, Veronica Caldwell, Riley Detour, Hannah Boone and Tim Caldwell.