SAD 1 residents validate $30.8M budget

1 month ago

SAD 1 voters approved a $30,820,480 budget for the 2024-25 school year, municipal officials said Tuesday night.

Voters in the district’s five towns — Castle Hill, Chapman, Mapleton, Presque Isle and Westfield — faced two decisions. Question 1 asked if voters wished to validate the budget, which had been approved at a May 14 public hearing. Question 2 asked voters if they wanted to continue with a separate June validation referendum for the next three years.

The budget validation passed handily across the district. Voters also favored continuing with the two budget votes: approval in May and validation in June.

Here’s how each community voted. Some voters left questions blank.

Castle Hill: Question 1: 25 yes, 17 no. Question 2: 27 yes, 15 no.

Chapman: Question 1: 27 yes, 10 no. Question 2: 24 yes, 10 no. 

Mapleton: Question 1: 106 yes, 49 no. Question 2: 71 yes, 85 no.

Presque Isle: Question 1:  346 yes, 156 no. Question 2: 337 yes, 163 no.

Westfield: Question 1: 39 yes, 17 no. Question 2: 42 yes, 15 no.

Turnout was light at Presque Isle’s Sargent Family Community Center with 488 voters casting ballots, City Clerk Kim Finnemore said.

In statewide primary votes, Presque Isle reported the following results.

For U.S. Senator, Democrats chose David Costello with 125 votes. Republicans chose Demi Kouzounas with 246.

For U.S. representative in District 2, Democrats favored Jared Golden, 146 votes; Republicans picked Fort Kent’s Austin Theriault by a wide margin, 268 votes to Michael Soboleski’s 49.

For state senator in District 2, Harold “Trey” Stewart was selected by 317 Republicans, while Matthew Rush garnered 136 Democrats.

For state representative in District 2, Democrats chose Kevin Freeman with 130 votes and Republicans chose Joseph Underwood with 297.

For Aroostook County commissioner in District 2, Republicans chose Paul Underwood with 303 votes.

And for Aroostook County probate judge, 152 Democrats selected Michael Carpenter.