2 days ago

Oh, the things melting snowbanks unearth

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting warmer and longer. The birds are returning, although the locals won’t call it spring until the robins are hopping around.

2 days ago

What spring means to public works

Warming temperatures are a welcome relief for many Mainers. However, they are a signal of many other things here at Public Works. 

2 weeks ago

Le prédicateur

A peut près une fois par année l’évèque de Portland, qui comprenais pas un mot d’français, nous envoyais un prédicateur qui comprenais pas l‘français lui non plus.

2 weeks ago

City has stellar plans for eclipse

A once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse is coming to our area on Monday, April 8.  While solar eclipses take place roughly once every year and a half, a total solar eclipse will not occur again in the same location for another 375 years.

2 weeks ago

Council airport vote was not based in fact

Presque Isle is where more than a dozen members of the United family call home. We’ve been part of the Presque Isle and Aroostook community for six years and we’re proud to have served as an essential air link connecting the area to 250+ destinations around the world.

2 weeks ago

United is the airport’s best option

As a proud member of the Presque Isle community, a retired regional airline pilot and the chair of the Airport Advisory Committee for Presque Isle International Airport, I have a vested interest in the future of our Essential Air Service (EAS), as should all of my fellow residents. 

3 weeks ago

Un-wilding the Allagash

The meeting of the Allagash Advisory Council began for me in delight. I was reunited with a room full of wardens, fisheries biologists, recreation specialists, lodge owners, naturalists, guides, most of us sporting some grey in our hair. These were my colleagues for over four decades. 

1 month ago

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exploded on the scene seemingly from nowhere. It’s generating a great deal of concern and fear. We’re hearing it’s either the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread or the ultimate destructor of humankind. 

1 month ago

Mars and The County’s solar system

In honor of Mars Day, which was March 5, and with the upcoming total solar eclipse to be viewable from our area on April 8, it is only fitting that one thinks about the Solar System Model going along U.S. Route 1 from Houlton to Presque Isle. 

1 month ago

Irish ties

I was recently asked about researching Irish ancestors in the “old country.”  With St. Patrick’s Day approaching in March, perhaps it’s a good time to offer advice about this.