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Imagine your own Heaven in these complicated times

It has always been my thought that the stars are, in actuality, pinholes in the floor of Heaven. The brilliant light that escapes down into the universe is visible to us in tiny increments of pure white beams; arranged in patterns to add further delight to the wonder of it all.  

Some believe that Heaven is a symbol of tranquility and peace that soothes us when our hearts stop beating. Perhaps heaven, like so many other components of the divine, can be whatever we desire it to be; whether it is majestic dwellings made from the finest silver or lush green valleys speckled with flowers of a million different hues.  

Heaven could well be peace of mind, and if so, it is something most of us long for.  In a world draped in chaos and uncertainty, Heaven can be as simple as a bed to lie down upon with a full belly or a loving touch in the darkest, coldest night. Heaven is a precious and pure baby looking into his mother’s eyes for the first time, her voice a familiar melody that has been playing since conception. Heaven can be a peaceful passing, with a last breath as smooth as fine satin and a glimpse into an eternity that bewilders us.

Heaven, to me, comes in many forms. It is a line of pure white birch trees, speckled with tiny black blemishes against a pale blue sky. Heaven is a piece of the ocean, visible from a partially open car window that is filled with the face of a little red haired girl. Heaven is that first innocent kiss beneath a lavender sky. Heaven is the lace adorned, white wedding dress that is worn by a princess and forever retains its beauty, its elegance, and most importantly, its promise. Heaven is the grunt of a soft, sweet-scented puppy, pressed warmly against your heart from the day of her birth until she takes her last breath in the safety of your arms. Heaven is a sharp, red apple that snaps against your teeth on an orange autumn day. Heaven is a gift shop that welcomes you with the sound of gentle chimes and the savory scent of candles. eaven is a game of horseshoes with my Dad at 8 p.m. on a sweltering August night. He is weary from a long day of work, yet he will not refuse his daughter’s plea for just one game that turns into three beneath an apologetic, dark blue sky.  

Heaven is navigating a convertible along the rocky beach in Boothbay Harbor, surrounded by million dollar homes standing watch over the constantly teasing tide that yearns to come ashore. Heaven is a smile rising from a sea of frowns that renews faith in ourselves and others. Heaven is a rainy day with a spectacular book that clings to your side and a cup of Red Rose tea that never grows cold. Heaven is Barney; my ivory Goldendoodle, who follows me everywhere, watches me with dark, endless eyes and loves me even on my angry days. Heaven is where I envision my husband Dale, now teaching the angels how to weld broken dreams back together, while designing tiny race cars that glide over the streets of gold.

It has been my honor to share my various Heavens with you. My favorite definition of Heaven is: something that is pleasant and good. Please, my friends, make a list of those things that are Heaven to you. It is such a simple task in such a complicated world, but I believe it is time to cling to all of those positive experiences and ideals. It is time, my friends, to believe in Heaven. 

Belinda Ouellette lives in Caribou with her Goldendoodle, Barney. You may email her at:

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