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Never voting for another Democrat

To the editor:

When I got old enough to vote I registered as a Republican, as was my father. However, throughout my life I tended to vote the man, not the party. If the Democrat was a moderate, and especially if he was a go-getter, I’d vote Democratic. Sometimes I was satisfied with their actions later, other times not so much.

However, after the despicable actions of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and how horrendous their treatment of Judge Kavanaugh these past weeks, I hereby emphatically state that I will never ever vote for another Democrat. These Democratic senators have behaved in such a grotesque manner that they make the serpent in the Garden look like a goodwill ambassador.

As for Susan Collins, if she so chooses to vote against Kavanaugh, I will withdraw my support of her. If Kavanaugh is a competent jurist and will interpret the law correctly, this is the only deciding factor she should consider. For her to vote against him because of some supposed political stance he may or may not take down the road is not right, to say the least, and sets a terrible precedent we’ll be dealing with forever. Also, these allegations are just that, and they’re totally unsubstantiated and without any merit. All supposed witnesses cited by Ford do not support her story at all. In fact, they support Kavanaugh’s testimony. My God, if an allegation is all it takes to destroy a man’s character, who will ever seek a nomination for any post? If guilty until proven innocent becomes the prevailing thinking in this country, no man — no father, no brother, no son — will be safe once an allegation is made.

The Democrats of the SJ Committee are a pit of vipers, not to mention hypocrites, and since all the Democrats are going along with these tactics as a solid block, I will never vote for another Democrat in my life till they make an incredible U-turn. They are reaping the wind, now let them reap the whirlwind. I urge all my fellow Republicans and all fair-minded Independents and Democrats to join me in this endeavor at the polls.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle

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