Historical Society lands publicity grant

Kathy McCarty, Special to The County
17 years ago

    PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – The Presque Isle Historical Society will have $1,000 promote a new project, with the receipt of a Community Outreach Grant.
    “We received a $1,000 Community Outreach Grant from the Maine Humanities Council. That’s good news to our ears,” said Carol Bell, president of the society.
The project, titled “Presque Isle and its Maine Street,” was written by Susan Shumate, a student at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, Bell indicated.
“The project was a collaboration between the UMPI History Department and the Presque Isle Historical Society. With help from UMPI history scholars and students, the society will create an exhibit chronicling the development of the town and its Main Street,” said Bell.
The project involves six movable panels that will cover such events as the construction of the B&A Railroad, the fire at the Braden Theatre and the Centennial Celebration in 1959.
“The panels will be unveiled on University Day (April 11) and then be displayed and, subsequently, they will be kept by the PIHS to be used for presentations about the history of the community. In addition to receiving this grant, the society has also received a donation of bike helmets from the PI Kiwanis Club to help with our historical geo-cashing program that we will be offering this summer,” continued Bell.
The society is in the process of submitting several other grants to assist it in renovation of the former 1912 fire station, located on Church Street. Last summer brick work on the south side of the building was completed, windows were replaced and archways were opened up.
“This winter our beautiful wooden doors are being constructed and will be ready to be installed first thing in the spring. Also in the summer of 2007, the remaining brick work and windows will be replaced,” said Bell.
Bell said this winter the society will continue to tear out partitions and false ceilings to open up the space to match the original floor plan as close as possible.
“We will be working on structure upgrades, removing old pipes, wiring and replacing with new,” said Bell.
PIHS plans aren’t limited to fire station renovations however.
“Another project that we are working on this winter is to have the lovely fence with the archway, that used to grace the lawn at the Vera Estey house, constructed. The fence will be installed this spring to add to our beautiful flower gardens,” Bell said.
Bell said several fund-raising projects are in the works, so stay tuned.
“Currently we are selling our PI historic calendar to help with operating funds. This unique calendar may be purchased for only $10 at Pieces of Eight, New York Life or the Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce,” said Bell.
Calendars can be ordered by mail by sending a check for $12 to The Presque Isle Historical Society, c/o PO Box 1262, Presque Isle, ME 04769. To see photos in the calendar, learn about other projects or become a member, go to the PIHS Web site at www.mfx.net/~pihs.