June 7 is Seniors Day Out

17 years ago

The Star City Senior Citizens Club met May 31, with 31 members and one guest of Lila Day’s, her daughter, Becky.
Deloris Brown said the blessing, after which we all had a lovely potluck luncheon.
    President Betty Wilson opened the meeting with the “Lord’s Prayer,” flag salute and one verse of “America.”
The secretary’s report was tabled because of a lack of information, and a change of secretaries. Treasurer Jean Easler gave the treasurer’s report. A motion too approve was made and seconded and with a showing of hands, accepted.
Remember June 7 we are going to Bangor for our Seniors Day Out. We must be there by 11o’clock. Hope you all can join us. Also, the 14th of June is our Senior Citizens Club picnic right at the club VFW grounds. Make sure to mark your calendars and come join the fun. Happy birthday to all of those in May: Barbara Buchanan, Joe Gaston, Richard Rand, Percis Ashley and Violet Fragier.
The meeting was adjourned by motion and seconded and accepted by a showing of hands. Then we played Bingo. Y’all come back now.