Adios to politics and the Democratic party

17 years ago

To the editor:
For the past 20 years, I have lived in Aroostook Country and have tried to be civic minded. I have voted in every election. I have campaigned for those public officials with whom I agreed, and have even voted for those in other parties if I believed them to be effective public servants.
    When my daughter turned 18, I sat her down and discussed her opinions on the issues and then drove her to the polls. I never asked who she voted for. I have always believed in our system of government and that those seeking office had the American people’s interest at heart. I no longer believe this to be true. I have been a proud Democrat for almost 40 years and have defended my party to anyone who would listen. I can no longer do that. The Democratic party is cowardly, dishonest, and worst of all, contributing by their inaction to the downfall of the American way of life. When Soldiers from our great state have fallen in a oil war, I have to the put blame completely on the Republican party and their sorry excuse for a president. I can no longer blame just the elephant in the room.
From this time forward, I will not vote, because my choices are limited to war mongers who believe God whispers in their ear, to cowardly politicians who try to keep their jobs by placating those who question other’s patriotism. I will not be made a fool of by people I trusted to do the right thing for my country. Democrats were given a clear mandate by their bosses; we the people, to stop this war that will eventually bring down our country and in all likelihood bring on the Armageddon that so many are depending upon. The party that for so long I have defended instead opted to let more blood be spilled in order to accomodate Bush’s unlawful and misguided war.
I’m sure no one will miss my rantings and so I will from now on remain silent and let history decide who was right and who was wrong. In my heart I know that talking is better than killing, especially if we are killing the wrong ones. So, I will leave you with these thoughts: Iraq did not attack the World Trade Center or the Pentegon. The terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. Like the rest of us, George Bush does not know the mind of God. While our sons and daughters die, the oil turns into money and fills the pockets of those who feed on the bodies of our young. Sleep well America and pray they do not require your child, I know I do.

David Daniel Beckom
Mars Hill