Caribou veterans home plans renovations

17 years ago

    Work has begun at Caribou Maine Veterans Home on a renovation of the skilled/long-term unit. A project which has been in the works for some time now includes: all new flooring throughout the facility, replacement of ceilings, lighting, two new offices, the renovation of our PT/OT room, training toilet, linen room, and a new kitchenette in the multipurpose room.
    “This new look will add to the elegance of the facility as well as the comfort of our residents. This is a very extensive project which will involve much coordination to effectively move towards our estimated completion date of June 20 or sooner,” said Mark McKenna, MVH director.
    In other Veterans Home news, after many hours of research and preparation, a Pandemic Influenza Plan is in place. A team approach by many individuals was necessary in order to accomplish this goal. Diane Sinclair, DON, coordinated the project.
    “The plan is critical to ensure an appropriate and sustainable health care response to an influenza pandemic. This plan will activate at set stages, based on certain trigger points from guidelines provided by the National Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response, WHO global Influenza Preparedness plan and the State of Maine Pandemic Influenza Plan,” said Sinclair.
    Educational materials have been sent out to all family members of the Caribou Maine Veterans Home residents; this included a letter requesting assistance from families at time of Pandemic. Family members as well as our regular volunteers have offered their time and skills if an event should occur.
    Education was provided to families and Veteran Services Organizations by Patty Carson, Infection Control Officer of Cary Medical Center. Currently all staff members are being educated on the new guidelines.