NMCC students establish

17 years ago

    PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – The Northern Maine Community College student body is joining with businesses, organizations and individuals from throughout Aroostook in support of the Campaign for the County’s College, the major gifts campaign initiative to raise $2 million launched by the College community and NMCC Foundation earlier this year.
    The NMCC Student Senate has pledged $15,000 to the campaign and designated its contribution to establishing a campus-based student work program to provide jobs on campus for NMCC students. The endowment, called the “Preserving Aroostook’s Work Ethic Fund,” was established, according to student leaders, to both support and encourage future generations attending the county’s College.
“We chose this route so that it could be an on-going process and stay with the College and help as many students as possible,” said Michaele Black, NMCC Student Senate president. “The name is fitting because Aroostook people are well-known for their strong work ethic and we wanted to encourage students to appreciate the value of working to attain or earn something.”
Available income from the endowed fund will provide administrative and operational support for the campus-based student work program and/or support for wages for students enrolled in the program. The fund has been established as an open fund capable of receiving additional contributions from any person, corporation, or other organizations.
“The campus student leaders felt this was a very important way for them to not only give back to the College and to the students who will follow in their footsteps, but to support the faculty and staff who have supported and guided them along the way toward attaining their educational dreams,” said Dennis Albert, NMCC Student Senate adviser and an instructor in the College welding and metal fabrication program. “The ‘Preserving Aroostook’s Work Ethic Fund’ provides great benefit to all campus constituencies.”
The official signing of the memorandum of understanding which established the fund was held during a recent NMCC Foundation executive board meeting with both Black and Albert present on behalf of the NMCC Student Senate. The “Preserving Aroostook’s Work Ethic Fund” will be managed and invested by the Foundation.
“We are so pleased that the NMCC student body, through the Student Senate’s leadership, has committed their support to the Campaign for the County’s College. Moreover, we are impressed at the forethought that went into the gift designation,” said Raynold Gauvin, chair of the NMCC Foundation board. “From the perspective of the individuals on the NMCC Foundation board, this gift is indicative of the true spirit of the College community. It not only demonstrates the caring nature of the students on the close-knit campus, but exemplifies the very spirit of NMCC, which makes the institution an invaluable asset to the region and business community in particular.”
As president of Advantage Payroll, Gauvin has hired a number of NMCC alumni and speaks frequently and with great pride about the outstanding contribution these individuals have made to his business. He cites the student gift as yet another example of the commitment and appreciation of members of the College community for the institution.
“This most recent contribution by the NMCC student body is yet another show of support for the College by those whose lives are most directly impacted by the opportunities it affords,” said Gauvin. “The support of faculty, staff, and members of the College Foundation Board and General Advisory Council, which totals more than $111,000 and was pledged prior to the public phase of the campaign, serves as a positive example to the community at large and to prospective donors to the Campaign and College.”
In the coming months, NMCC will conduct a mailing to its more than 7,000 alumni to seek their support for the Campaign for the County’s College.
Currently College officials and volunteer community leaders assisting with the campaign are meeting with area business leaders and individuals to make them aware of the campaign and giving opportunities.
The Campaign for the County’s College, named to reflect both the impact of the campus in the region, as well as how the College community mirrors the aspirations of Aroostook and its people, is designed to support the outstanding tradition of teaching and learning for which NMCC is known. The campaign also provides an opportunity to invest in positioning the College to meet the community’s education and workforce demands for years to come.
Specifically, the institution plans to raise $2 million by next February to both support student scholarships and instructional technology, as well as to assist the College in new and ongoing efforts to respond promptly to community needs.