On rural mailboxes

17 years ago

To the editor:
Your rural mail receptacle may be the most visited extension of your household, with deliveries up to six times per week. Is your box user friendly? Does it keep your mail dry and is it an adequate size for your needs and deliveries?
• Rural boxes should be approximately 42 inches from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox.
• Boxes should be clearly numbered (numbers on the flag side).
• Delivery path should be kept clear of debris, glass, nails, trashcans etc.
• Crushed stone will eliminate mud and rutting.
• Flowers, although pretty, attract stinging and biting insects.
• In the winter, boxes need to be plowed/shoveled leaving plenty of room for vehicle to pull in and out without obstructions or reversing (approximately 30 feet).
We are very grateful for your compliance on these issues.
This column was written by the Crown of Aroostook QWL-EI (Quality Work Life-Employee Incentives) workteam which cover U.S. Postal employees in central Aroostook County. There are six to eight QWL teams throughout the state.