Grand Jury

17 years ago

The Aroostook County grand jury recently concluded deliberations for the May term, returning indictments against 24 persons.
Those indicted include a 41-year-old Ashland woman who is accused in connection with a fatal motor vehicle accident earlier this year.
    The accident, investigated by the Ashland Police Department, claimed the life of 48-year-old George Tozier Sr. and allegedly involved Tozier’s fiancé Lauren N. Burke, also known as Nancy Lauren McKay and Lauren Tozier.
Police believe Burke struck Tozier with her car, then broke into a home near the accident scene, where she was found hiding under covers on a couch in the residence. The couple had been spotted at Freem’s, an Ashland bar, hours before the accident. Tozier sustained a broken neck when he was struck and died instantly. The car was found totaled nearby and Burke claimed that she had no memory of the incident.
District Attorney Neale Adams said alcohol was a factor in the collision.
“It’s a pretty sad situation,” said he added.
Burke, of Ashland, is being charged with aggravated criminal OUI and manslaughter.
In a separate incident, a 22-year-old Houlton woman was indicted on a string of charges, all stemming from an April 14 complaint.
Adams said Houlton police were called to the home of Kylie M. Pederson on April 14. Two others people, one a 17-year-old, were there when Officer Eric Crouse responded. A confrontation ensued; the two other people at the scene were allegedly assaulted and hydrocodone was discovered by police. As a result, Pederson is now facing six charges: aggravated unlawful furnishing of scheduled drugs, furnishing liquor to a minor, two counts of assault, obstructing government administration and tampering with a victim.
Others indicted by the grand jury include the following:
Daniel J. Bernaiche, 33, of Caribou. Operating after revocation.
Brian Cottle, 21, of Linneus. Unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs and violating condition of release.
Heather D. Crockett, 29, of Oakfield. Unlawful possession of scheduled drugs and violating condition of release.
Larry A. Easler, 30, of Presque Isle. Theft, stealing drugs, violating conditions of release.
Wayne R. Giberson, 23, of Mars Hill. Aggravated assault.
Will S. Haynes, 18, of Limestone. Robbery.
Greg W. Hitchcock, 34, of Smyrna. Operating after revocation.
Zachary Hodson, 18, of Acton. Burglary, theft and receiving stolen property.
Randy P. St. Jarre, 36, of Madawaska. Operating after revocation.
Gary M. Lambert, 54, of Fort Kent. Theft by unauthorized taking.
Scott M. Pelkey, 24, of Presque Isle. Theft by unauthorized taking.
John K. Perkins Jr., 20, of Presque Isle. Burglary and theft.
James L. Sam, 23, of Caribou. Burglary, robbery, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.
John Sam, 18, of Caribou. Burglary, robbery.
Brian Saunders of Presque Isle. Two counts of robbery, elevated aggravated assault and aggravated assault.
Rodney D. Saunders, 27, of Caribou. Aggravated criminal trespass, assault, criminal mischief.
Aaron D. Schmidt, 40, of Mars Hill. Unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs, violation of condition of release.
Kimberly J. Stewart, 25, of Caribou. Unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.
Anthony Thompson, 53, of Washburn. Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, criminal OUI.
Edwin D. Weiland, 30, of Presque Isle. Burglary and theft.
Edward J. Wilson II, 38, of New Sweden. Assault, violating condition of release.
George White, 20, of Caribou. Burglary, theft.