Mapleton Daze committee at a standstill

17 years ago

To the editor:
I’m writing to all of you who enjoy the Mapleton Daze activities. Those 500-plus people who enjoy the Lions’ chicken barbecue, all you folks who come to see the fireworks, the hundreds of you who line Main Street to watch the big parade with 100 or more entries, and all you families that bring your little ones to enjoy the free games, the bikes and wagons give-aways, the prizes, the watermelon contest, the hula hoop contest, the jumping castles and on and on.
   Please understand — all of this does not just happen! It takes a great deal of work all year long to raise the funds and to put this weekend together for all of the surrounding communities to enjoy.
A very small committee of mostly women, has had the job of doing this for 19 years. Next year would be our 20th anniversary of this very popular event. Notice, I said, would be. I say that because it is a very real possibility that Mapleton Daze, as we know it, may not happen again!
If some of you don’t come forward to help us, we all have enjoyed our last Mapleton Daze weekend.
We only need five to six committed members to ease the work load. We only need two to four men to commit to setting up the jumping castles two times during the weekend. Surely, there are some who could promise to give us two hours a year to do this!
We do want to thank all of you who have made cookies, pies, crafts and other donations for our annual auction. And thank you for attending our suppers. Without you we could not pay for the fireworks.
For the past several years you have heard us cry, beg and threaten to try and get some help to continue our events. Now we are at a standstill. This is it. Without committed help by August 15th – we will no longer enjoy Mapleton Daze. Please – consider helping us to keep this weekend going.
Our last scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, August 15th at the Pizza House at 7 pm. If you can give a little of yourself, please come to this meeting. We will welcome you with open arms and thank you profusely!
If you’d like to speak to me about it, call anytime 764-1735, or call our new president Nola Farley at 551-5665.

Debbie Sawyer
Mapleton Daze Committee