Pelletier wins Spudland

17 years ago

    PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – The 40th Coca-Cola Spudland Open was held over the weekend at Presque Isle Country Club, and a local golfer came away with top honors in the 36-hole event.   Phil Pelletier of Presque Isle had the low gross score with a 144. He also captured the Joseph J. Freeman Memorial Award for being the PICC member with the lowest total.     Coming in with the low net in the tourney was Eric Dill of Lincoln with a 131.
The top eight in each of the four divisions are as follows:
A Division, gross: first, Brad Young, 146; second, Chris Coffin, 147; third, Mike Hersey, 150; fourth, Rick Collins, 152; fifth, Chad Arnold, 152; sixth, Dana Worster, 153; seventh, Jason Straetz, 153; eighth, Kasey Keenan, 154.
A Division, net: first, James McDonald, 136; second, Peter Rouleau, 138; third, James Leavitt, 139; fourth, Dan Hotham, 140; fifth, Scott Bernard,  142; sixth, Eric Dubay, 142; seventh, Tom Thorne, 144; eighth, Kent Jackson, 144.
B Division, gross: first, John Rogers, 156; second, Steve Desmond, 157; third, Jim Greer, 158; fourth, Randy Gifford, 158; fifth, Ben Deschene, 159; Craig MacFarline, 161; Andy McLaughlin, 163; Peter Coffin, 163.
B Division, net: first, Larry Rouse, 137; second, Steve Gallant, 141; third, John Albert, 131; fourth, Larry Callicoat, 141; fifth, Nathan Straetz, 143; sixth, Mike Fleming, 144; seventh, Bub Smith, 144; eighth, Randy Ossinger, 146.
C Division, gross: first, Sean Dolomont, 163; second, James Dobbins, 166; third, Kevin Gregory, 169; fourth, Harold Soucy, 169; fifth, Tom Smith, 170; sixth, John Daisey, 170; seventh, John Champeon, 171; eighth, Clayton Boulrisse, 172.
C Division, net: first, Rob McKenzie, 135; second, Barry Webster, 140; third, Dave Wheaton, 140; fourth, Aaron Civiello, 140; fifth, Earl Smith, 142; sixth, Dick Moscone, 142; seventh, Jim Carter, 142; eighth, Moe Collins, 143.
D Division, gross: first, Bee LeVasseur, 173; second, Tom Albert, 177; third, Charles LeFebvre, 178; fourth, Gary Stewart, 178; fifth, Bob Lewandowski, 180; sixth, Will Spencer, 181; seventh, Dan Boyd, 182; eighth, Greg Hallett, 182.
D Division, net: first, Richard Leavitt, 135; second, Larry Howerton, 137; third, Terry Hopkins, 138; fourth, Layne Waddell, 139; fifth, Rick Landry, 142; sixth, Brad Wheaton, 143; seventh, R. C. Wilson, 145; eighth, Glen Mahan, 146.

Saturday’s closest to the pin winners were: hole No. 4, Dan Hotham, 4 feet, 6 inches; hole No. 8, Paul Hoyt, 1 foot, 9 inches; hole No. 16, Tyler St. Pierre, 3 feet, 8 inches; hole No. 17, Richard Sirois, 12 feet.
Sunday’s winners were: hole No. 4, Steve Clark, 7 feet, 8 inches; hole No. 8, Dave Plourde, 3 feet, 10 inches; hole No. 16, Bob Lewandowski, 7 feet, 3 inches; hole No. 17, Brian Heal, 6 feet, 5 inches.
Nick Winchester won for the longest drive on both days.
In Saturday’s fourth annual RE/MAX Long Drive Contest, the open division was captured by Peter Coffin with a drive of 296 yards. In second was Greg Hallett (288 yards) and in third was Spencer Deschene (283 yards). In  the senior division, Chip Morse was first with a drive of 275 yards. He was followed by Dana Worster (270 yards) and Ron Gartley (262 yards). A total of 52 golfers entered the contest.