Balloon Fest basics

17 years ago

To the editor:
I have written before in regard to the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest (COMBF), which is August 24, 25, and 26 this year. I could regale you with all the events we have planned, but I have other information to share with your readers today.     Last year there were some issues that arose from so many excited, newly minted balloon chasers. In an effort to make COMBF 2007 a safe and fun event here are some tips.
As a spectator please remember:
• Dress in layers, it can be very cool in the morning, but warm up noticeably, after sunrise and visa versa in the evening.
• Don’t smoke anywhere near the balloons. Propane and cigarettes don’t mix.
• Decide, among your group, on a place to meet in case you get separated or lost. Make sure children have some identification on them.
• Please don’t “drive and watch” at the same time. The balloons are a beautiful, but distracting sight.
• Please do not block the road. Move completely to the side of the road to watch. Be sure you are not blocking a driveway. This was an especially big problem last year, so please be mindful of where you stop.
• Please be respectful of private property. Do not enter someone’s property without permission.
Landowners, if you would like to have a balloon land in your yard, put a white sheet in a wide open space. Also, if you have a space that looks good to land, but has unseen hazards, you can put a red X in the middle of the space to ward off pilots.
We are only a couple of weeks away from seeing hot air balloons in our skies again. All we need is good flying weather, so here’s hoping.

Derik Smith
Chair COMBF Committee
Presque Isle