MoonDance Studios holds dance recital

17 years ago

    CARIBOU, Maine – On June 16 and 17, MoonDance Studios held their annual dance recital, “Color by Number, to a packed Caribou Performing Arts Center auditorium. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the upbeat music, colorful costumes and unique choreography. The students responded to the crowd’s enthusiasm, performing their numbers with energy and precision.

One of the crowd favorites was a belly dance performed by Katy Lint, Sarah Gorneault, Kelly Smith and Theresa Lint to the song “Chaliya Chaliya Bollywood.” The crowd cheered as the dancers rolled their stomachs and shook their hips in unison, jingling their beaded skirts in time to the music.
Another favorite was Elara’s contemporary dance to “Hide and Seek.” The dancers perfectly executed the intricate choreography while the audience watched, spellbound.
Some other numbers included were rigorous tap routines to “Violet,” “Funk # 49” and “The One Thing I Have Left.” The precise clogging numbers to “Wait a Million Years” and “8675309” were flawless and once again had the crowd cheering.
An unusual number to “Purple People Eater” featured students in brightly-colored and –patterned dance bags. The dancers hopped and twisted to the music, creating hilarious shapes and positions, much to the delight of the audience. The identities of the bag dancers were revealed at the end of the show when the students popped their heads out of the bags during the curtain call.
The multi-talented MoonDance students also performed several vocal numbers. Theresa Lint looked like a pro as she belted out Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Walk Away,” showing off her powerful voice. Scott Rhynold, Alecia da Cruz, Brittani Rhynold and Jenice Jarvis crooned “Black Velvet” and “Eight Days a Week.”
Several student instructors performed solos, including Shauna Johnston’s beautiful Ballet En Poointe and Shayna da Cruz’s difficult and graceful lyrical dance to “100 Years.” All choreography was done by Kim Lauritsen and Shayna da Cruz.
At the end of Saturday’s performance, the dancers were given flowers and gifts from proud families and friends. After Sunday’s recital, trophies were presented to all participating performers.
MoonDance Studios boasts 12 different dance groups, all named after the moons of Saturn and Jupiter: Leda, Rhea, Helene, Pandora, Europa, Telesto, Calypso, Elara, Phoebe, Sinope, Carme and Atlas. Each class consists of different ages and abilities, with students ranging in age from 3 to 20. MoonDance Studios offers instruction in tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet, clogging, hip-hop, contemporary, Mid-Eastern and Latin dance styles. The studio also offers gymnastic tumbling and vocal classes. Adults are offered classes in belly dance, hip-hop aerobics and ballet movement.
MoonDance Studios, located at 34 North Street in Presque Isle, is operated under the direction of owner and instructor Kim Lauritsen. In their 28th year of operation, the dance year begins in September with registration opening August 10. For more information, call 764-1385 or visit