Finding work in county challenging

17 years ago

To the editor:
My husband and I recently moved up to Aroostook County from Cumberland County to a quieter life, affordable housing and lower taxes. We knew before we moved that finding employment would be a challenge, but we never knew it would be this hard.     Since we’ve been here some places of employment have been odd because we’re from “out of town.” We either have received no reply at all after dropping off an application or someone will look us right in the eye and say they will be calling regardless to let us know if we have the job or not and don’t call at all. These aren’t high-paying, professional jobs but we have found nothing but unprofessionalism with certain employers when it comes to how they handle their hiring practices.
We are good, decent, hard-working people that are dying to get to work. Everyone up here has been nothing but friendly and kind but when it comes to finding work we are made to feel like criminals.

Heather Storey
Mars Hill