City, newspaper are too politically correct

15 years ago

To the editor:
    I read with disgust the article by Barbara Scott entitled “Sparks fly over flags during City Council meeting”. The article was written to place Mr. Getchell in an extremely negative light and make him appear to be an illiterate, out of control individual. Agreed it makes for good news but Mr. Getchell has presented something that is happening with an increasing frequency in this country and this state — disrespect for our Armed Services personnel, Veterans and the American Flag.     Mr. Getchell got his point across and did it very well as far as I am concerned and also showed the respect due at that moment. He is a real hero who is not afraid to make a stand for this country and what he believes in. I would make that stand with him anytime, anywhere without question.
    It seems we can fly the rainbow flag, hold gay rights events, march for illegal aliens’ rights and install new art in front of businesses with great fanfare; but show the respect due the real heroes of this country? I think not. It seems that those that enjoy the freedoms the most, do not want to make a stand for those that have granted those freedoms. It may put you in an awkward situation with certain civic groups and special interest groups. Too bad, it is a sad day in our history.
    Mr. Getchell is correct; where is the flag in front of the Wellness Center and other city businesses? Has this city become so PC they’ve forgotten the sacrifice for the freedoms they seem to take for granted? This city council and individuals running this show should be ashamed of themselves. As for the reporter? Maybe she should get the coffee and donuts for a while to refresh her memory of just where the United States of America had gotten the freedoms and who paid the price for them and to learn a little humility.
    God Bless Mr. Getchell, I am saddened that he had to take the steps necessary to get the eyes and ears of the Caribou City Council open. If you need money for flags or help in hanging them, I am sure my brothers of the American Legion and American Legion Riders can get it done efficiently and properly. Only two people in history have volunteered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American soldier.
    Oh and by the way, what was the outcome of this meeting in reference to the failure to fly our greatest symbol? The newspaper was quick to shame Mr. Getchell but failed to complete their report of the incident. Poor news gathering in my book.

David E. Corey
Veteran U.S. Navy