Luncheons resume after New Year

15 years ago
Mapleton United Methodist Church

    The United Methodist Church luncheons will resume Friday, Jan. 8 at 11:30 a.m. All are welcome to attend. 


    Birthday wishes this week go out to Mark Christie, Ryan Guerrette, Michael Warner, Joshua Buck, Peggy Bushey, Steve Beaulieu, Jeanne St. Peter, Logan McNulty, Raquel Beaulieu, Beth Lavway, Bob Vigue, Ryan Lavway, Benoit Michaud, Vicky Morrison and Olivia Sage-Marie Race.


    Happy Anniversary this week to Lance and Bonnie Johnson on Dec. 31.

Little known holidays

    Well, since it is the last Wednesday of the month, I am including a “little known” holiday in my column. According to, Jan. 4 marks “Trivia Day.” This day is set aside to celebrate those bits of useless knowledge that most people have crammed in their brains.
    Playing trivia games and watching trivia game shows are a couple ways that people who enjoy hearing obscure facts celebrate their love of knowledge. Since the weather outside this time of year is often “frightful,” this would be a great way to celebrate this “little known holiday.” Dust off the trivia games and start a family game night. Or, instead of channel surfing for something decent to watch, check out my favorite game show, “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” It airs weeknights on FOX. I would encourage your children to watch, too. They may be able to answer some of the questions!
    Whatever way you chose to celebrate this day, knowing insignificant facts can help keep your mind sharp and foster a love for learning. Speaking of insignificant facts, Jan. 3 is the Festival of Sleep Day and National Fruitcake Toss Day! (Feel free to celebrate those holidays, too!)
    Jennifer Buzza is the correspondent for Mapleton, Castle Hill and Chapman. She can be reached at 760-9115, or by e-mail at


ImagePhoto courtesy of Jennifer Buzza
    LADIES from the Mapleton United Baptist Church and the Mapleton United Methodist Church joined forces with friends and members of the surrounding communities to sew quilts for area children this Christmas. Children, ages infant to 18 years old in the Mapleton, Chapman, and Castle Hill communities, received quilts this month. All the material, along with the time to sew, bind and quilt 34 beautifully handcrafted quilts were generously donated to this project. Pictured with one of the quilts are, from left: Sue Skidgell, coordinator of the project and member of the Mapleton United Baptist Church, and Marie Bagley of the Mapleton United Methodist Church, who made the quilt.