Not OK with Rep. Willette’s behavior

14 years ago

Not OK with Rep. Willette’s behavior

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the Nov. 17 letter that Rep. Mike Willette placed in The Star-Herald about him getting only one negative e-mail and one phone call concerning his switch to the Republican Party. Sounds like political spin is being pushed on your readers and I am not having it. Talk has been rampant and many negative comments are being made and heard in coffee shops, convenience stores, restaurants, and the work place. He should check out the negative comments that were posted after the Nov 12 article in the Bangor Daily News when he first announced his switch. Oh yeah, Mike, there is talk and we are all not OK with your behavior.

What really bothers me is how Mike used his friends, his supporters, and the Democratic Party. I for one supported him not only politically but financially as well with start-up money and with donations to the Clean Election Fund. Shame on me. I would never have supported you in any way if you ran as a Republican — friend or not.

Mike says that he just could not support Democrat-led initiatives. Well that is very understandable considering the fact that he was never a Democrat to begin with. He says he is an Independent who leans right on fiscal views. Did he ever think about running as an Independent?

How about the fact that he ran as a Democrat because the Republican ticket was occupied. Had he never heard of a primary runoff? No the answer he had was to disguise himself as a Democrat and run on the coattails of Jeremy Fisher — one of the most successful Democrats to hold a house seat in Presque Isle.

Mike knew that he could not get in any other way. Therefore, he had to torture himself masquerading as Democrat for two years. That must have been very painful. Then to top it off he finally drove the last nail in the coffin by waiting until after the 2010 elections were over to do the bait-and-switch and disadvantage all of his friends, supporters, and the Democratic Party.

Then he has the gall to chastise the local voters by saying we should have voted for the person — the issues he stood for, his voting record and not just because he had a D in front of his name. Being the schooled politician that he is, he knew that the majority of voters do just that no matter what party they support otherwise he would have run as a Republican. Do not embarrass yourself by making any more statements that you had to switch parties because you had to do what was right for the people of Presque Isle and the state of Maine. You did what was right for Mike Willette. You never supported the people of Presque Isle in your right-leaning voting record on issues that affected the very people trying to put food on their tables and pay their bills. You supported the business community by protecting their profit margins on the backs of the little people.

I would say that Mike Willette now represents the people from Presque Isle who are members of the Republican Party in Augusta who did not vote for him and did not want him there. They did however; vote for the other person with an R before her name. Then there are the Democrats who voted for him because he had a D in front of his name and now do not want him there representing them as a Republican. Then there are the people who did not vote because they thought neither candidate was worth voting for who are now represented by someone they didn’t want. This proves to be quite a dilemma for Mike Willette who represents the people of Presque Isle and, as I see it, that nobody wants him in the capacity that now exists.

I wonder how the “spirit of cooperation” will go in Augusta with his former Democratic colleagues knowing how unworthy his word will be and how unethical his behavior has been in dealing with the people in Presque Isle. Therefore, I guess the only recourse we have short of a recall vote is to correct the situation for the 126th Legislature and vote him out. How is that for political spin?

Robert J. Saucier

Presque Isle