Trash experience doesn’t add up

12 years ago

Trash experience doesn’t add up

To the editor:

    I would like to add to the good Dr. Graves’ editorial on our waste dilemma here in our city. I too, had some items that I felt could not go in the user-friendly orange bags. I had 160 pounds of blighted potatoes that needed to be disposed of so I went to the landfill with them, seven heavy bags to be exact. I had been charged $2 a bag instead of the 4.5 cents per pound tipping fee. I was informed I got a deal being charged $2 instead of the $3 for orange bags.

    When I questioned the math in the fee that I was charged I was told I had to buy a sticker ($120) to receive the benefit of paying the $91/ton rate (or 4.5 cents per pound)!?! I have a sticker all right, it’s called my tax bill. It’s bad enough that we pay a $240/ton tipping fee as it now stands (we currently pay $.12/pound. Do that math.)

    Closing the transfer station on Saturdays is another poor decision made by our City Council. If it is based on its budget and concerns overtime, has any thought been given to possibly rotating a shift to allow the transfer station to remain open for four hours on Saturday? Is providing service to the taxpayers a thing of the past?

    We now have to “purchase” blue recycling bags. Are these bags being recycled? I do not mind sorting my recyclables and bringing them in (and no, Mr. Bennett, not to hang around the dump on Saturdays as you once put it) when I need to for disposal. It’s a lot more sanitary for the employees than what they are handling now. I don’t even want to get into the mixing of orange and blue bags in the garbage trucks.

    Why are we in such a state? What is the Tri-Community Landfill doing that we can’t do? Something is wrong and some transparency is needed in the city’s Solid Waste Department. The city needs to get off its duff and start thinking outside the box (hint, the box is recyclable).

Bill Daniels

Presque Isle