A different title

12 years ago

A different title

To the editor:

    The battle lines are formed again on this upcoming referendum on same-sex marriage. Could we hope these battle lines would disappear if we give a heartfelt reflection on the two issues that seem to be central?

    A reflection on compassion and consideration: The same-sex advocates are looking to their opponents for compassion and I believe the overall readiness to sanction civil unions and grant to these unions all the same privileges and benefits of traditional marriage is proof that compassion is abundant.

    Traditional marriage advocates I believe do not want to stand in the way of anyone’s happiness. They also are not standing in judgment of those of differing views but only request the consideration of their beliefs. The marriage title is the name of their belief. The belief that marriage is a union both civilly and sacramentally of one man and one woman. They want to stress the sacredness and inalterability of the marriage title.

    Compassion and understanding is sought by the same-sex advocates and consideration of their beliefs and understanding is sought by the proponents of traditional marriage. Is there a compromise that would satisfy both sides?

    Is there a title that would appeal to the same-sex advocates other than marriage with all the same rights and privileges?

    May everyone regardless of their orientation continue to receive compassion and may the ordained, deeply revered, one man and one woman definition of marriage receive its due consideration.

Peter Pinette