Warriors without coach

12 years ago

By Gloria Austin
Staff Writer

    Southern Aroostook baseball coach Murray Putnam has weathered many a storm, but not like the one brewing in Dyer Brook as of late.
    Putnam has been put on administrative leave from RSU 50 after an alleged incident was reported to school officials, which happened on the annual baseball trip to Boston in April.
    Putnam said the issue was brought to his attention “a day or two” after returning home when a family member alluded to photographs seen on Facebook.
    “I immediately called Jon Porter and alerted him,” said Putnam.
    The baseball season started and after 44 years of service, Putnam was relieved of his duties on May 15. Putnam has not been given a timeframe to when or if he will be returning to his team as play-offs approach. The Warriors were seeded No. 2 in the Class D standings as of May 25.
    Robert Betschner, who also coaches the school’s softball team, along with David Day are handling the coaching duties at SACS until the matter is resolved. SACS Principal Jon Porter has taken on the athletic duties.
    “I cannot comment on any specific personnel issues,” said RSU Superintendent John Doe in a  press release. “What I can say is that the number-one priority of RSU 50 is the safety and well being of its students. Any time there are allegations impacting this important priority, we take them seriously, investigate them fully and take prompt action to resolve them.”
    The Southern Aroostook Warriors have won Eastern Maine championships from 1977-79; 1984; 1986-89 and 1999, along with state titles in 1984, 1987-89 and 1999.
    “I am disappointed,” said Putnam of the incident.
    Editor’s note: RSU Superintendent John Doe was e-mailed and asked when the incident was brought to the attention of school officials; if it was true that a player had been suspended from the team and to describe the alleged incident. But, he gave no further comment.