Greenmark IT: Full-service computer specialists

12 years ago

Greenmark IT:

Full-service computer specialists

By Kathy McCarty

Staff Writer

    PRESQUE ISLE — Whether you are an individual in need of a minor computer adjustment or a big business looking to connect a network of dozens of systems, staff at Greenmark IT, located at 99 Fort Fairfield Road Suite 6, can help solve your problems — be they maintenance issues or online security concerns.

Photo courtesy of CACC

    A RIBBON-CUTTING CEREMONY was held May 25 for Greenmark IT, located at 99 Fort Road, Suite 6, in Presque Isle. The business offers a variety of computer services, from maintenance to secure servers and more, with clients from Fort Kent to Florida. Pictured from left are: Charly Chandler, customer relations; Jennifer Edgecomb, bookkeeper; Theresa Fowler, executive director, Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce; Carl Casey, computer technician; Eric Warren, owner/CEO; Jim McKenney, president, CACC; and CACC members Gail Clukey and Miles (Rick) Williams.  BU-GreenmarkIT-clr-cx2-sharpt-22

    “We take care of computer needs, including those for business, through servers, work stations, printers, networks, Internet access and security,” said Eric Warren, owner and chief executive officer.

    Warren said after working for others for a number of years, he decided it was time to establish his own business.

    “I have over 18 years in the IT business. I decided to branch out into my own business after many years working for Netherland Office Products,” said Warren.

    The business offers on-site computer repairs, including walk-ins.

    “We also carry some software, including a high-end accounting package — point-of-sale software that works on Macs, iPads and iPhones,” explained Warren.

    As the name indicates, the company offers customers an opportunity to leave their ‘green mark’ on the world, through equipment that is ‘green certified.’

    “We’re unique in that all our products are green, all PC’s are green certified. We carry the Lenovo brand and all Lenovo PC’s are gold- or silver-certified, and we also have a green hosting platform,” he said.

    Greenmark IT also hosts websites and e-mail “for businesses that don’t want to invest in their own server architecture,” said Warren. “We can host their servers for them on our hosting platform.”

    Warren said monthly, Greenmark provides the hardware, Internet connectivity, battery backup, emergency generator power, antivirus, antispyware, firewall intrusion prevention and off-site backup.

    “The customer doesn’t have to own any hardware that way and we maintain everything, for a nominal monthly fee,” Warren said.

    “We also offer exchange hosting. That’s a type of e-mail server from Microsoft that allows the synchronization of PC’s, mobile devices like iPhones and iPads and the connecting of work stations. It allows you to keep all devices in synch as far as calendars, e-mails, etc.,” said Warren.

    Although the business has been open since September 2010, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was only recently held, hosted by the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce.

    “We’ve been so busy since we opened, we just never got around to a ribbon-cutting event. We have customers from Fort Kent to Florida. I’ve been to Florida where Presque Isle businesses have branches located,” he said.    

    “Business has been excellent. We have about 200 customers and we’re growing. We’ve picked up some of the best businesses in the area. We’re constantly expanding and looking for new clients,” continued Warren.

    As a ‘green service,’ Greenmark works with customers to reduce the need for more equipment, effectively saving green by cutting business costs, reducing the number of products in use and freeing up valuable office space.

    “We’re a green service. We offer a really new style of delivering services. For example, we take care of a couple school districts in the area. One wanted to move away from having their own servers in house but still needed ways to host the library card catalog and grading packages. So we’ve set up serves on our green servers platform and host for them,” said Warren.

    Warren said in so doing, the school district “gets better service from their server infrastructure than if they had purchased their own and tried to maintain it themselves.”

    “It works really well and costs less than the annualized cost of a new server,” said Warren. “The affordability is a big plus for a small business starting up, a school or municipal entity that needs a server but doesn’t want to pay the cost of purchasing and maintaining a system.”

    Greenmark prides itself in offering the newest in technological advances when it comes to maintaining business records or personal photos and documents.

    “The cloud server is a really new thing. It allows customers to save data on our server, ensuring a reliable backup system for whatever they need,” said Warren. “Virtualization saves energy, space and money.”

    Business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 764-1834 or 800-602-8990, e-mail or visit