Hodgdon/GHCA struggle

12 years ago

By Gloria Austin
Staff Writer
    The Hodgdon/GHCA cooperative boys soccer team has its work cut out for it. What was anticipated as a promising season for the team has turned into a dismal 2-6 year, with pressure on them to win the remaining games on their schedule for a playoff bid.
    “The season has not gone as I hoped,” said Hodgdon/GHCA coach Mark Morin. “We had a lot of returning players and I thought we would be doing much better than we are.”
    The best scenario for Hodgdon/GHCA is a .500 season or a chance at the postseason if they could defeat Houlton.
    “We are capable of winning at least five of the six remaining games,” said Morin. “If we play the way I know we can, I have no doubt that we will win all five games. However, we would have to play very well to beat Houlton in the last game, but nothing is impossible.”
    Hodgdon/GHCA is also struggling with injuries this season, as the starting goalie is sidelined due to medical issues with his arms, while a freshman fullback/goalie is out with a back injury. With these issues, Morin had to put Chris Hudson back in the net.
    “I hate to lose him on the field,” he added.
    Morin has a “great bunch of kids,” but has seen his “athletic team struggle with teamwork,” he said. A lot of our games have been close. I feel the difference is getting our chemistry down.”
    Two freshmen and a GHCA player, Caleb Lincoln, joined the squad this season.
    “Caleb has proven to be a great asset for our team and I am glad to have him,” Morin said.
    Hodgdon/GHCA is playing a Class D schedule, but are ranked in Class C.
    “It makes it a little harder on us,” Morin said. “All-in-all, I would say that I was more hopeful for this season, but if we finish 7-7 again, I will be happy.”
    The boys start a rough week on the road, as today they face East Grand and Friday they match up against Limestone/MSSM.
    “We still have some growing to do,” said Morin. “But, I hope we can finish out the second half of our season on a positive note.”
    Last Thursday, Hodgdon/GHCA was narrowly defeated by visiting East Grand, 4-3.
    Logan Crone scored twice, while Chet Knights and Kyle Gilman added a goal apiece.
    For Hodgdon/GHCA, Chris Hudson hit for two goals with Devin Quint adding a single tally.
    “After our loss to Danforth, I had a long conversation with the kids and told them that they would have to fix the problems on the field to win any more games,” said Morin. “They seemed to respond well and we will have to wait and see how we do.”