Try something different

12 years ago

Try something different

To the editor:

    Nothing has changed; politics of both sides has become some sort of playground teasing. Those hopefuls going door-to-door can only say nasty things about the other side. Do any of these bored, opinionated windbags have any idea of what the job involves? It seems they know what to do when they win; start preparing for the next election.

    Instead of blowing money on annoying signs and pamphlets, how about using some of that cash to put on a senior dinner, or how about organizing a group of folks and picking up trash in your town? Hold a meet and greet carwash.

    Our elected officials are confusing personal opinion with facts. Getting involved in politics has become a rich man’s hobby; who else has the cash to waste trying to get elected, only to pacify their ego when they win. They’re getting involved with politics just to hear themselves talk after boring friends and family to death. They feel a need to impose personal opinions and prefer argument over reason.

    Hopefully, a lesson will be learned when the money is gone and all they have done is annoy us.

P.R. Storey

Mars Hill