Hogan Tire Company displayed some oldie goldies

12 years ago
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OLDIES — Car owners turned out in style with their classic vehicles for the Hogan Tire Company Customer Appreciation and Car Show. EYE CATCHER — No matter what the car show, a corvette is always an eye catcher among those who attend the show.
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TOGETHER — The father and son duo of Terry and Patrick Beals were winners of the People’s Choice Award during the Hogan Tire Company car show. This was the Beals’ first entry into a car show and their hard work paid off. SOCIAL TIME — People who attended the car show had a good time visiting and looking at the classics on display.
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GOOD TURNOUT — There was a good turnout on Sept. 8 for the Hogan Tire Company Customer Appreciation Day and Car Show, featuring Big Foot. HOT ROD — There is lots of horsepower under the hood of this Mustang.
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A BEAUTY — In front, this old time relic has been restored to its former beauty. In the background is Cindy and Ralph Bartman’s  1949 Lincoln, which the couple call “Barney.” ON DISPLAY — A 1960s GMC and 1950s Chevy pickups were on display at the Hogan Tire Company car show on Sept. 8.